Current Bryan Fellowships

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2016 fellowships

Carolina WISE Logo
Carolina Wildlife Information and Science Education (WISE)

Nicole D’Avignon ’19
Julia Maron ’19
Alyssa Schrader ’19
Seraphina Wong ’18

Carolina WISE (Wildlife Information and Science Education) is a student organization at UNC-CH that will maintain a small animal collection on campus and bring them to local schools and community organizations to provide educational, interactive presentations about animals, biology, and the natural environment. UNC-CH student volunteers will help care for the animal collection and assist in educational programs, and all volunteers will be trained in animal husbandry and presentation techniques. These programs aim to increase the public’s knowledge of basic biological and zoological concepts as well as to teach them how to safely and responsibly interact with North Carolina’s native wildlife. This is in an effort to reduce the needless fear and injuries for both humans and animals in the area.

FlipCup logoFlip Cup
Michael Gu ’18
Jonathan Alvarez ’18

As members of the Greek community, we have noticed the excessively wasteful nature of the drinking culture. This has been especially evident in the heavy use of red solo cups, an iconic and inextricable item among college parties. These cups are cheap, relatively durable and, most importantly, nearly non-recyclable. This is where we plan to come in. Flip Cup intends to use 3D printing to alleviate the trash output of many social events around campus, specifically within fraternities and their overwhelming use of red solo cups.

Flip Cup will provide a free recycling service with the objective of recycling red solo cups into extrusion material for 3D printing. By doing so, we hope to enable 3D printing projects to experiment and conquer new problems without spending money on filament.

GEC logo

Girls Engineering Change 
Alexandra Nelson ’19
Kristin Reed ’19
Erin Rogers ’19
Kat Tan ’19

Girls Engineering Change will host a workshop for young girls from the Triangle area, during which they will gain exposure to the engineering field and learn how, through engineering, they can make a positive impact on the world around them. The girls will be paired with college students majoring in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and North Carolina State University. These students will serve as mentors for the girls and inspire them to pursue higher education and a career in engineering. The girls will learn basic circuitry and soldering skills, and then apply this knowledge to create calculators. The calculators the girls make (with the help of their collegiate mentors) will then be donated to a school for girls in Kenya sponsored by Duke University or comparable organizations affiliated with UNC and NCSU.

Luis Acosta ’17
Javier Chacon ’19
Jose Cisneros ’17
Abigail Jaimes ’17
Selina Lopez ’17
Sofia Ocegueda ’19
Tania Vargas ’19
Tre’ Williams ’18

SLIence aims to allow for middle school Latina/o students and families to gain exposure to STEAM-related fields (science, technology, engineering, arts and design, and mathematics) of study and prepare them for a college education. In addition, an overall goal is to promote improved self-esteem and increase the awareness of the value of higher education in Latino students enrolled in middle school by exposing them to the various options that are available to them. The funding will go towards transportation expenses and activities for the students.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.04.03 PMTarHeelth

Allison Carter  ’19
Kate Goldenring ’19
Cory Spencer ’19
Gabriella Stein ’19

The mission of TarHeelth is to promote the overall health and well being of college students. TarHeelth will implement an all-inclusive application for UNC students to track their healthy choices on campus. This app will include information from Carolina Dining Services, Campus Recreation and Campus Health. In the app will be a calendar and a map of healthy events going on around campus. When students attend these events, they can track their location and accumulate points into categories such as nutrition, physical health and mental health. Students can also compete against their friends, which can further motivate them to make healthier choices.

Tarheelth will also focus on helping first-year students navigate healthy options when they first arrive on campus. Overall, we want students to know how to make healthy choices and where they can find healthy events every time they step onto campus.

Urban Youth Learning Garden Urban Youth Learning Garden

Bronwyn Fadem ’16
Giszell Weather ’17

The Urban Youth Learning Garden is Hope Garden’s newest initiative to provide holistic education and skill building opportunities in agriculture to youth of color. Our goal is to actively engage these youth in topics of agriculture and sustainability through thoughtfully designed curricula implemented in a centralized and accessible garden site. Through joint collaboration with Chapel Hill’s Street Scene Teen Center, mentors from UNC student organizations and Triangle community partners, the Urban Youth Learning Garden will facilitate a variety of workshops regarding the latest practices in sustainable agriculture, cooking nutritionally rich foods, and engaging youth in topics of food justice.