Current Bryan Fellowships

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2016 fellowships

Carolina WISE Logo
Carolina Wildlife Information and Science Education (WISE)

Nicole D’Avignon ’19
Julia Maron ’19
Alyssa Schrader ’19
Seraphina Wong ’18

Carolina WISE (Wildlife Information and Science Education) is a student organization at UNC-CH that will maintain a small animal collection on campus and bring them to local schools and community organizations to provide educational, interactive presentations about animals, biology and the natural environment. Student volunteers will care for the animal collection and assist in educational programs, and all volunteers will be trained in animal husbandry and presentation techniques. These programs will increase the public’s knowledge of basic biological and zoological concepts as well as teach them how to safely and responsibly interact with North Carolina’s native wildlife. This is an effort to reduce the needless fear and injuries for both humans and animals in the area.

FlipCup logoFlipCup
Michael Gu ’18
Jonathan Alvarez ’18

FlipCup offers a solution for giving a second life to the tons of plastic being thrown away from Greek parties every year. We provide weekly collection of cups at each fraternity, then we work to wash, shred, and extrude the plastic into 3D printing filament and subsequently donate the filament to 3D printing nonprofits and educational initiatives.

Our aim is to make it easier to innovate and create with 3D printing without worrying about the cost of filament.

GEC logo

Girls Engineering Change 
Alexandra Nelson ’19
Kristin Reed ’19
Erin Rogers ’19
Kat Tan ’19

Girls Engineering Change will host a workshop for Triangle area young girls to expose them to the engineering field and teach them how, through engineering, they can make a positive impact on the world around them. Girls will be paired with college students majoring in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Duke University and North Carolina State University. These college students will serve as mentors for the girls and inspire them to pursue higher education and a career in engineering. participants will learn basic circuitry and soldering skills, and then apply this knowledge to create calculators. The calculators the girls make (with the help of their collegiate mentors) will then be donated to a school for girls in Kenya sponsored by Duke University or comparable organizations affiliated with UNC and NCSU.

Herban Garden Urban Youth Learning Garden
Chloe Brown ’17
Kendra Meyer ’19
Bronwyn Fadem ’16
Giszell Weather ’17

The Herban Garden is Hope Gardens’ newest initiative to provide holistic education and skill building opportunities in agriculture for youth in communities of color. By fostering a supportive and inclusive space for community building and mentorship, the Herban Garden will guide youth in exploring food cultivation, wellness, and sustainability. Garden workdays will take place in a production garden on UNC’s campus near Davis Library, and a variety of workshops, field trips, mentorship opportunities, and culinary skills activities will be offered in conjunction with the Street Scene Teen Center on Franklin Street. Construction of the garden site will be made possible by The Edible Campus Initiative and the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

To learn more please visit or email

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 2.04.03 PMMindFull
Allison Carter  ’19
Kate Goldenring ’19
Cory Spencer ’19
Gabriella Stein ’19

MindFull is an organization that hopes to better the health habits of students on campus through facilitating the collaboration of health-related organizations on campus. In addition to creating an all-inclusive, one-stop resource for students regarding all pertinent health information and sites that can be found on campus, MindFull hopes to draw attention to the brain-body connection. While students come to this campus to learn and increase knowledge, many of the health habits developed while in college (sleeping less, eating unhealthy, etc.) directly impact brain performance and one’s ability to fulfill their role as a student. We are looking to draw attention to this paradox and provide a stronger support system in the university for students as it pertains to their health.

SLIenceSTEAM Outreach Academic/Achievement Recreation (SOAR)
Luis Acosta ’17
Javier Chacon ’19
Jose Cisneros ’17
Abigail Jaimes ’17
Selina Lopez ’17
Sofia Ocegueda ’19
Tania Vargas ’19
Tre’ Williams ’18

SOAR is an organization dedicated to helping minority youth gain exposure to STEAM related areas and developing life skills and mindsets that lead to a healthy and balanced lifestyle through mentorship and numerous activities such as science experiments, artistic projects and recreation. Our goal is to increase minority representation in collegiate and professional areas having to do with STEAM related fields.