Current Bryan Fellowships

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2014 fellowships

Art & Life
Sarah Molina ’16Art & Life

Art & Life envisions a world where visual art and art historical skills are accessible to a diversity of high school youth in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area. Art & Life is an after-school teaching program that targets students in public Chapel-Hill Carrboro high schools. This organization offers semester-long classes, taught once a week by UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduate and graduate students. These classes will give students a background for discussing art history, improve students’ analytical skills and ask students to assess their own identities through the vehicle of art. During the semester, students will also take field trips to local museums and galleries, engage in art projects with local artists and be exposed to visual arts within the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area.

iLead NigeriaiLead Nigeria
Risikat Ademola ’14
Toyosi Oyelowo ’14
Sherifat Ademola ’14
Rucca Ademola ’13

Four UNC students discovered that the limited academic resources and poor infrastructural environment diminished hope for students living in Nigeria to see change in the corrupt nature of the country’s administration. Soon, they became inspired to create iLead Nigeria, a campaign and curriculum designed to empower students to acquire leadership qualities necessary to ignite change in their communities. Their primary objective is to implement this leadership program into the curriculum of Queen Sheba, a primary school located in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Nikhil Jyothinagaram ’15
Cody Owens ’16

Kliink aims to be the link between donors and educational nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in India. Through, donors can reach, connect and engage with NGOs through their posted project pages in need of funding. This is a convenient outreach tool for the NGO and a streamlined presentation of information for the donor to see the impacts of their contribution. With one website, Kliink aims to change the process of giving will also making receiving more accessible to those who need it.

Reaching UpReaching Up
Kimberly Clarida ’16

Reaching Up’s (RU) mission is to equip the youth in Columbus County to become active citizens while helping them with character, leadership and academic skills. RU serves youth 10-15 years old and strives to push these young people to exceed their self-expectations and become passionate about their community. To develop passionate community leaders, a variety of team-building activities, sessions, events and resources, including mentors, will be offered. Allowing youth to conduct community service is a win-win: the youth become involved while the community benefits from their service. Over time, RU hopes to expand to other rural North Carolina counties.

UNC ScienceDays
Sangeetha Kumar ’15
Amber Gautam ’15
Lisa MorrisUNC Science Days ’17
Evan Strother ’15
Neelesh Dewan ’14
Geneva Jost ’16

ScienceDays is a mentoring program geared to fostering scientific curiosity in students typically underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields — traditionally minorities, women and the disabled — by engaging them in hands-on learning opportunities beyond the ordinary classroom experience. The members of UNC ScienceDays travel to their two main mentoring locations, Northside Elementary and the Human Rights Center, once a week to teach hands-on, interactive science lessons pertaining to a variety of themes, from sustainability and physics to biology and chemistry. By providing science enrichment in a variety of fields, they hope encourage students to pursue science careers while also introducing a broad spectrum of science-related issues with relevance today and years to come. Ultimately, ScienceDays wants students to explore and question the natural world around them.