Service-Learning Resources

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Online Module

The online module is intended to prepare students for successful service-learning partnerships. Completing this module is a required aspect of all APPLES courses and will provide insight aimed at making the most of a service-learning experience.

Service-Learning Series

The Service-Learning series is a comprehensive online faculty resource for service-learning pedagogy was developed by APPLES faculty and instructors, offering valuable information for both new and experienced service-learning faculty. This series is intended to offer foundational information about various key components of service-learning, its practice and implementation.

Pedagogy Guide

The Service Learning Series: Guide to Service-Learning Pedagogy offers a primer on service-learning pedagogy and its practice within APPLES Service-learning courses. It includes an overview of service-learning, course development and reflection.

Guide to Community Partnerships

The Service-Learning Series_Guide to Community Partnerships offers approaches to building and sustaining community partnerships in service-learning.

Toolkit for Preparing Students

The Service-Learning Series: Toolkit for Preparing Students is toolkit offers a variety of readings, lesson plans and information on topics that can help prepare students for service.


The APPLES Service-Learning program hosts the Core Connection Series to discuss successful models and practices of service-learning courses. Faculty, course instructors and community partners are invited to hear perspectives from within the field and network with service-learning colleagues.