Previous Davis Award Recipients

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2014: Kelsey Aho: Multilateral Dialogue in the Prokletije/ Bjeshkët e Namuna

The 2014 Davis Projects for Peace Award was presented to Multilateral Dialogue in the Prokletije/ Bjeshkët e Namuna (Accursed Mountains) developed by Kelsey Aho ’14, a geography major from Marietta, Ga. The project is a foundation for sustaining peace in the region by reintroducing neighbors through a multicultural dialogue. Through international volunteer education and multicultural youth exchanges, environmental cooperation will be the tool for transcending political boundaries to promote regional trust and stability.

2013: Madiha Bhatti and Danielle Bulinski: Compassionate Labor in Liberia

Compassionate Labor in Liberia received the 2013 Davis Projects for Peace Award. Madiha Bhatti ’14 and Danielle Bulinski ’13 developed this project to address high rates of maternal mortality, mistrust among residents and a lack of confidence in medical establishments through a healthcare model that empowers women, builds relationships and facilitates trust in healthcare.

2012: Amna Baloch, Sarah Mohamed and Morgan Smallwood: Zenica Peace Alliance

Amna Baloch ’12, Sarah Mohamed ’12 and Morgan Smallwood ’12 received the 2012 Davis Projects for Peace for Zenica Peace Alliance, a diversity program for youth in Bosnia that they developed with a local community partner. Throughout the summer, they brought together 25 diverse youth to participate in discussions, community service and fun under the supervision of local college-aged mentors. The participants and mentors represented all three major ethnic groups found in Bosnia, including Croats, Bosniaks and Serbs. The program hosted visits from the former mayor of Zenica, an American Embassy representative, and several community members eager to witness the program unfold. Learn about their work and the impact it is making on peace in that area.

2011: Yu Zhou: Young Scholars International

Young Scholars International facilitates cross-cultural communication through academic conversations. During the summer of 2011, Yu and 14 UNC students conducted seminars on a variety of disciplines at high schools and universities in Beijing and Tianjin, China. The seminars were designed to introduce Chinese high school students to a range of academic disciplines, help participants recognize a common humanity among people with differences, and to foster critical understanding in establishing healthy relationships among Chinese and Western cultures.

2010: Brendan Yorke: Postcards for Progress

Postcards for Progress uses the arts to connect youth separated by cultural differences. In 2010, 16 UNC students traveled to various countries where they implemented exchanges between the youth of those countries. Middle school students exchanged 5×7 paintings, letters and other art pieces. A website gallery and discussion forum promoted continued dialogue between participants. Postcards for Progress continues to help youth learn how to interact with culturally diverse peers both across the world and in their own classroom. Postcards for Progress is rooted in the campus community with integration of Carolina Navigators and other campus organizations.