Buckley Public Service Scholars

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Buckley Public Service Scholar participant Kaylah BrownThe Buckley Public Service Scholars program (BPSS) provides a framework for Carolina undergraduate students committed to making a positive impact through service. BPSS challenges participants to expand their understanding of service, connect academic and community-based experiences and build their capacity to help effect change. While completing the program components, participants build portfolios reflecting their learning and unique experiences throughout North Carolina, the nation and the world.

Launched in 2003, BPSS has connected students with similar interests and provided special opportunities for leadership development and community engagement. Since the program’s inception, more than 5,635 students have participated, contributing 1.35 million hours of service. Currently about 10 percent of Carolina undergraduates are enrolled as participants. In 2011, the Center announced the establishment of the Walter White Buckley Jr. Endowment from an anonymous donor. This endowment ensures Buckley Public Service Scholars will graduate for generations to come.

Program goals

BPSS strengthens the culture of service and engagement at UNC-Chapel Hill by:

  • Challenging students to increase the breadth and depth of their involvement in North Carolina communities and beyond
  • Fostering connections between the University, its students and the community
  • Promoting student participation in varying dimensions of public service: direct, organizational and policy
  • Developing students’ capacity for engaging in their communities in meaningful ways

To achieve this, BPSS involves a number of required program components and also a variety of non-required opportunities available to BPSS participants.

Buckley Portfolio

Throughout their time in BPSS, students build a Buckley Portfolio that tracks their progress in completing the program components and their own public service goals. This is where they enter and organize information such as the service hours they have completed, service-learning courses they have taken and skills trainings they have attended. Participants are able to print a summary of their Buckley Portfolio at any point throughout their participation in the program and also as they graduate.

For questions about the Buckley Portfolio, contact BPSS.