First-Year Service Corps

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The Carolina Center for Public Service offers a unique opportunity for selected first-year students to come together with faculty and staff throughout the year to deepen their academic and practical experience in public service during their time at Carolina.

The 2013-2014 First-Year Service Corps prepares students for meaningful engagement in and with communities and connects specifically to the University’s pan-campus theme “Water in Our World” by focusing on local and global water issues.

Through a variety of activities, participants learn about existing opportunities for public service and engagement on and off campus. Getting an early start in the Buckley Public Service Scholars program puts them on a path to leadership within the program as well as on campus more generally.

First-Year Service Corps members benefit from:

  • A two-day immersive orientation before fall classes begin
  • Special summer reading discussion group
  • Capacity-building sessions led by faculty, staff, community partners and Carolina Students
  • Ongoing networking and leadership opportunities after program completion

For more information, contact BPSS.