Funding Opportunities

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Partnership Grants

Students and community partners connected to an APPLES course are eligible to apply for a partnership grant. These grants are intended to benefit the community partner and deepen the service-learning experience for a student. APPLES is offering up to 10 partnership grants of up to $100 each for the current semester. These grants fund supplementary materials for enhancement projects relating to a community partner. These grants must be submitted with both a student and community partner signature. Past partnership grants included printing and materials to create a recipe book for a community cooking class, support for focus groups assessing a community-based health care program and funding for a community festival. Apply now.


Service-Learning Course Enhancement Grants

Grants up to $500 are awarded every semester. These grants can fund course development, materials or support required to teaching a APPLES service-learning courses. Applications are received and accepted on a rolling basis and require a statement on how the funds will deepen the learning within the course. Past course enhancement grants provided additional funds for a local radio program connected to a course, funding for a field trip to a nuclear reactor and support to attend an international conference featuring service-learning pedagogy. Apply now.

Service-Learning Course Development Grants

Funded by the APPLES Service-Learning program and the Carolina Center for Public Service, up to seven $5,000 service-learning course development grants are awarded annually. These grants support course development of new service-learning courses across campus, including undergraduate, graduate and professional student courses. Applications are located in the Carolina Center for Public Service Application and Nomination Portal and are open from Dec. 1 – Feb. 24 at 11:59 p.m.