Ryan Nilsen

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Ryan Nilsen

Program Officer, Student Programs

Ryan is the program officer for Student Programs currently working with the Buckley Public Service Scholars and APPLES Service-Learning programs. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a double major in English and international studies and a minor in mathematics and completed a Master of Theological Studies degree at Duke University. While working at the Center, he also completed a graduate certificate in nonprofit leadership through the UNC School of Social Work.

At the Center, Ryan provides day-to-day administration, outreach, planning and training for the Buckley Public Service Scholars program. Ryan also advises the APPLES Service-Learning executive committee, works closely with the First-Year Service Corps and provides oversight for the fellowship programs.

Email: rbnilsen@unc.edu

Phone: (919) 843-6829
Office: Union Office
Program Connection: Buckley Public Service Scholars, APPLES Service-Learning, Bryan Fellows, First-Year Service Corps, North Carolina Outward Bound Scholarships