APPLES honors 2013 award winners

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By Nicole Beatty

UNC students, alumni and local community partners exhibit the importance of public service by serving various communities and making a difference in the lives of others throughout North Carolina and beyond. Every year, the APPLES Service-Learning program recognizes and awards faculty, students, alumni and community partners who have made exceptional contributions to service at Carolina.

This year, Wendy Song, Maggie O’Shaughnessey, Jason Langberg, Student U and North Carolina Campus Compact were recognized for their outstanding contributions to service-learning at the annual APPLES award brunch held on Friday, April 19.

speech3The Undergraduate Excellence Award went to Wendy Song, a senior Global Studies major and chemistry and Spanish for the Professions minor, is a member of the Honors Program and is a Buckley Public Service Scholar. She was honored for her leadership, support and coordination for Las Guapitas y Los Caballeros and Culbreth Middle School over the years.

The Teaching Excellence Award went to Maggie O’Shaughnessey, a senior lecturer in the department of English and comparative literature. O’Shaughnessey was honored for her development and teaching of the course, Into the Woods: Science and Literature. Through this course, students see the humanities and sciences through a new lens by emerging from the classroom and immersing themselves into the world.

The Service-Learning Award in honor of Ned Brooks went to Student U, a nonprofit based in Durham, N.C. aimed at empowering youth through long-term and intensive educational opportunities and personal enrichment. This summer marks the seventh consecutive summer that Student U has partnered with APPLES. Student U was recognized for providing significant opportunities for UNC students while also affecting real change in the lives of the community, for both families and children.

North Carolina Campus Compact received the Community Partner Excellence Award and is celebrating 11 years of service and partnership with North Carolina colleges and universities. As an organization dedicated to advancing community engagement, North Carolina Campus Compact was honored for its impact on service-learning opportunities at UNC as well as in the state and region.

The Outstanding Alumni Award went to Jason Langberg, a UNC graduate from the class of 2004 and is a former APPLES organizer, currently serves as an attorney with Legal Aid NC as an advocate for children’s rights and issues of justice and equity. Jason was honored for his work in local communities to improve the quality of life and access to opportunity for North Carolina children.

speech6Reflecting on the award, Jason Langberg said, “My experiences as an APPLES student helped me develop skills working with children, managing projects and leading others. More importantly, APPLES helped me develop a passion for public service, as it has done for thousands of other students over the last 23 years.”