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APPLES Service-Learning Alternative Fall Break rural communities

APPLES Alternative Breaks provide an avenue for students to perform service activities across North Carolina. It is a great way for students to be away from campus during the university break periods each semester. Students have the opportunity to travel beyond Chapel Hill and serve a different community while also forming lasting friendships with other Carolina students.

Each group is led by student organizers and works collaboratively to engage in a chosen focus area and learn more about their destination community before the trip component occurs. Once arriving at the destination, students are able to explore a new culture, make new friends and carry out meaningful community service. Throughout the alternative break experience, students will also have the opportunity to reflect upon their experiences and to explore deeper issues relating to the community. For all breaks, there is a participation fee, which may be non-refundable. Need-based financial assistance may be available upon request.

Applications for alternative fall breaks are currently closed.

APPLES sponsors AFB 2022 experiences in three areas:

Hunger and Homelessness: Participants explore a variety of challenges related to hunger and homelessness by working with organizations in Appalachian communities of North Carolina.

Refugee Communities: Students will explore various issues facing refugee populations in North Carolina such as resettlement, immigration policies, and access to healthcare and education.

Rural Communities: Participants are immersed in a rural community setting to better understand the challenges facing a North Carolina population experiencing poverty. This trip will also explore environmental issues facing NC communities.

When applying, students may indicate their break preference.

2022 Alternative Fall Break Timeline

Aug. 15: Participant application opens
Sept. 12: Participant application closes
Mid-Sept: Break leaders review applications and conduct interviews
Late Sept-early Oct:
 Participants notified of acceptance to an AFB program
Oct 20-23: UNC Fall Break – AFB experiences


Applications for alternative fall breaks are currently closed. 

Applications for break leader positions open in the spring semester.

The Carolina Center for Public Service at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for its events and programs. If you need accommodations, please contact or call 919-962-0902. Every reasonable effort will be made to implement accommodations in an effective and timely manner.