Funding Opportunities

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Partnership Grants

Students taking an APPLES course are eligible to apply for a partnership grant. APPLES is offering up to 10 partnership grants of up to $100 each for the current semester. These grants are intended to benefit the community partner and deepen the service-learning experience for a student. Grants are up to $100 and can be used to enhance projects completed by students during their volunteer experience. Examples include printing and materials to advertise a community event, classroom supplies for an after-school program and funding for a community festival. Community partners may also submit requests in partnership with their student volunteers. Apply now through the CCPS Application and Nomination Portal.

Transportation GRANTS

Students taking an APPLES course are eligible to apply for transportation grants. APPLES is offering small grants of up to $50 to assist with transportation costs associated with course volunteer opportunities. These grants are intended to assist students with additional costs such as gas, parking or bus fare if their volunteer site is further from campus. This is a new offering as of Fall 2017 in response to feedback that students were having trouble accessing some volunteer sites due to financial barriers. Apply now through the CCPS Application and Nomination Portal.


Service-Learning Course Enhancement Grants

Grants up to $500 are awarded to APPLES faculty every semester. These grants can fund course development materials or support required for APPLES service-learning courses. Past course enhancement grants provided supplies for a community cooking class, funding for a field trip to a nuclear reactor and computer software to assist with community-based research. Apply now through the CCPS Application and Nomination Portal.

Service-Learning Course Development Grants

Funded by the APPLES Service-Learning program and the Carolina Center for Public Service, up to seven $5,000 service-learning course development grants are awarded annually. These grants support course development of new service-learning courses across campus, including undergraduate, graduate and professional student courses. Apply now through the CCPS Application and Nomination Portal. Applications are open from Dec. 1, 2017 through March 19, 2018. Email Becca Bender if you have questions about the application process.