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To prepare for an APPLES course, consider the timeline  below. For specific questions, contact APPLES.

Beginning to think about a course

Service-Learning Designation for a course

  • Submit finalized syllabus to the APPLES office for review.
  • Alert the APPLES office of the course you intend to teach by Sept. 15 (for spring semester courses) and March 15 (for fall semester courses).

Preparing for the semester

  • Submit contact information of community partners to the APPLES office.
  • Reconfirm plans with community partners.

Early in the semester

  • Require students to complete the APPLES online module¬†at the beginning of the semester.
  • Distribute APPLES forms at the beginning of the semester.
  • Students select their community partner.
  • Students begin volunteering by the third week of class.


  • Check-in with community partners monthly.

End of the semester

  • Distribute course evaluation to students.
  • Complete faculty evaluation.
  • Debrief with community partners.