Spring Internships

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Qualified students are matched with nonprofit and government organizations for a semester-long spring internship. Interns work 10-12 hours per week for approximately 15 weeks (150 total hours) earning $1,200 in funding, and three hours of academic credit. View the list of available positions for spring 2018 APPLES Internships.

Academic Credit

All APPLES spring interns are enrolled in a three-hour seminar, SOWO 492 during spring semester. The course covers material on characteristics of nonprofits, including organization structure, funding, volunteer management and leadership. The course follows a discussion/seminar format and compliments the fieldwork through focused readings, discussions, reflective writing and various classroom activities. All APPLES spring interns are required to enroll in this course. For more detailed information review a past syllabus. The course day and time for spring 2018 is Thursday from 8 – 10:50 a.m. You must be able to take this class to participate in an internship.


All interns will receive a $1,200 in funding through a collaborative effort between APPLES and the internship site. This stipend is taxable and must be claimed if you exceed state or federal income requirements.

2017-2018 Spring Internships Timeline

Sept. 15:  Applications open.
Sept. 25:  Interest session at 6 p.m. in the APPLES Office (Student Union 3514).
Sept. 28:  Interest session at 7 p.m. in the APPLES Office (Student Union 3514).
Oct. 9:  Application closes.
Mid-late October: Interviews with student committee.
Nov. 1 – 22:  Interviews with community partners.
Nov. 30:  Final decisions made, applicants notified.
Dec. 7:  Internship orientation.


Applications for spring internships are currently closed.

Are you studying abroad but still want to apply for an internship?
No problem. You may still apply as long as you are easily accessible via email and can establish access to a reliable telephone number. APPLES will use this information to set up a phone interview on a date and time to be decided later.