Ronald W. Hyatt Rotary Public Service Award

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The Ronald W. Hyatt Rotary Public Service Award is given annually in support of innovative public service projects that exemplify the motto of Rotary International, “Service above Self.” The award, sponsored by the Chapel Hill Rotary Club, is named for the late Dr. Ronald W. Hyatt, professor of Exercise and Sport Science at UNC-Chapel Hill and long-time member of the Chapel Hill Rotary Club, in recognition of his distinguished career at the University and his commitment to helping others. Each year, up to $3,000 is awarded for an international project and up to $2,000 is awarded for a local project. The Carolina Center for Public Service administers this award.


  • Undergraduate or graduate students at UNC-Chapel Hill, individually or in teams.
  • Applicants must be continuing their studies at UNC-Chapel Hill in the following fall semester.
  • The proposal must be written and submitted by the student(s) who have planned and will be implementing the project.
  • The Hyatt award will NOT fund internships or projects in which all or most of the funds support student travel and living expenses.

Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines include the following:

  • A justification of need and a description of how the service you will provide or the project you will complete adds to or complements what is already available;
  • A concise description of the project and how you will carry it out, including a description of the personnel involved;
  • Specific outcomes and how you will measure them;
  • An estimate of the impact of the project and the likelihood that the project will continue after the award period has ended;
  • An approximate timeline you will follow; and
  • A project budget that does not request more than $3,000 if international and $2,000 if local and describes the sources and amounts of any other funding. (NOTE: Although travel costs for students will be considered, preference will be given to projects in which a significant portion of the budget goes to community and project costs.)

If the project will be conducted in cooperation with or receive financial or other support from a governmental agency or private sector organization, applicants are asked to submit a letter of commitment from each such agency, which can be uploaded with the application.

Applications for the 2020 Ronald W. Hyatt Rotary Public Service Award open Dec. 1 and close Feb. 8. Apply online through the CCPS Application and Nomination Portal.

2019 Award Recipients

Nikki Bevilacqua, Emily Pope and Adam Cummings, second year doctoral students of dental surgery, have partnered with the UNC School of Dentistry and the Dental Foundation of North Carolina for the UNC Nepal Project. They will be operating a pop-up clinic in rural Nepal to provide restorations, extractions, oral cancer screenings, hygiene instruction and fluoride application to over 500 individuals through a five and a half day clinic. In addition to the pop-up clinic, the group will hike six days through the Himalayas, distributing dental supplies and providing oral health care treatment and education to local villages along the way.

Graham Booth, a junior nutrition major, Morgan Parker, a sophomore communication studies major, and Maddie Devries, a sophomore health policy management major, created Jump Around, a local elementary after school program that promotes healthy lifestyles by educating students about the many components of health–including physical, mental and social wellbeing. Through this program, students will be able to use jump rope as an outlet for building healthy relationships and self-confidence, while learning a fun, new form of physical activity. They are currently working with three schools, but hope to partner with other schools across North Carolina.