Previous Ronald W. Hyatt Rotary Public Service Award recipients

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2016: award recipients

The grant paid for exercise equipment (some specialized) for women recovering from mastectomy surgeries. The student set up the equipment and did a pilot program over the summer. Christopher Brooks

Writing and Healing for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
This project consisted of three eight-week sessions where participants come together to reflect on their experiences through writing and sharing their work. A book was compiled in which their writing was anonymously shared and distributed through the Chapel Hill Public Library and the Women’s Health Information Center. Neha Verma ’15
This website is a sustainable, online cardiovascular disease resource that educates Southerners on how to preserve their culture while making healthy lifestyle decisions. The website includes recipes, physical fitness information and Mediterranean fast food sections as well as a community section for facilitating interpersonal connections with those having similar experiences. Marquis Peacock ’13

Kinesthetic Mathematics
This project trained volunteer teachers in South Africa in the KM method and targeted at-risk youth in Mamelodi to raise their fundamental math skills. Andrew Chi ’15


2015: award recipients

The United Solar Initiative
Founded by a Carolina undergraduate, this organization was created in partnership with Strata Solar. A student team from the Kenan-Flagler Business School received the award for their project, Bringing Electricity to Energy Desserts in Nicaragua. The funds were used to install a solar panel system on a school in Colocondo, Nicaragua, to generate electricity for the entire community.

Refugee Youth Leadership and Empowerment
This project focused on youth-led community development and provided support for local youth who are refugees to obtain training as professional interpreters in their native languages. This project met a demonstrated need for interpreters in the rare languages represented among local refugee populations.

Classroom to Community
Affiliated with UNC Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC), this project recruited and trained volunteers from UNC Health Affairs graduate schools to provide health education for an underserved school in Durham, North Carolina. This program benefited the elementary school students and provided an important experience for UNC graduate students.

2014: award recipients

GlobeMed and Raising the Village: Goat Cooperative
This project established a goat cooperative in rural Uganda to promote positive economic growth, community collaboration, financial literacy, good health and sustainable farming practices. Gihani Dissanayake ’15, Helena Archer ’15, Julie Saracino ’14

Galapagos Science Center Water Survey
The project provided first-of-its-kind research to establish baseline measurements of fecal contaminants in drinking water on the island of San Cristobal. This research linked the levels of contamination to health outcomes, emphasized the importance of clean water to the local government and residential population and guided the local government’s efforts to upgrade their water infrastructure systems. The project also engaged with local scientists, creating a lab to assess the effectiveness of water treatment and distribution systems on the island. Billy Gerhard ’14

Firm Foundations/Fundamentos Firmes
Firm Foundations/Fundamentos Firmes is devoted to sustainably restoring health disparities among refugees and immigrants in the Oak Creek Apartments neighborhood through community and friendship. Firm Foundations/Fundamentos Firmes will initiate a wellness program providing support and education for improving nutrition and physical activity choices. These will include community potluck dinners, farmers markets and physical activity initiatives. The project leaders have committed to living in this community to build the relationships necessary to be successful. Kate Magee

Prevention through Education
The families at the Oak Creek Apartment are from all over the world — Burma, Sudan, Ethiopia, Vietnam– and may not know much about proper oral home care or have access to dental care. This project educated families, especially parents who will supervise their child’s oral habits, at the Oak Creek Apartments about behaviors that promote better oral health and taught the importance of practicing these behaviors to prevent caries and oral disease. Jaehee Yoo ’15

2013: A Drink for Tomorrow

A Drink For Tomorrow A Drink For Tomorrow (ADFT),a student-run organization associated with the School of Public Health, worked closely with UNC’s pan-campus water theme and raised funds and awareness for the global water crisis through Las Cocas Sustainable Water Project in Peru.

2012: GlobeMed at UNC

Ugandan HIV Positive Youth: Empowerment Through Technology
Elizabeth Cotton ‘12, Gabrielle Neri-Mynatt ‘13 and Alecia Westphalen ‘13

GlobeMed at UNC interns, Trini Thach and Susan Violet traveled to Gulu, Uganda in partnership with Health Alert Uganda to empower youth through technology. Interns lead a three-part technology based workshop series focusing on computer basics, Mircosoft office, Gmail, Google docs, basic typing and computing skills. They worked to further Health Alert Ugandan’s mission to provide opportunities and skills for HIV infected and affected youth to continue the fight against HIV and AIDS.

2011: Engineers without Borders

Gillings School of Global Public Health
Sustainable Sanitation in Cuidad de Dios

2010: Mujeres En Solidaridad Apoyandose (MESA)

Laura Ziemer