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A member of the inaugural group of SECU Public Fellows Interns, rising senior Daniel Mulumba is helping North Carolina’s rural communities grow their own food and become more self-sustaining.

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Whether it is pulling crops from the soil or managing a digital footprint, tending to the mission of a budding nonprofit has been a significant part of Daniel Mulumba’s summer.

The advertising and public relations major is interning with Freedom Organization, a nonprofit in Princeville, North Carolina, that helps rural communities grow their own food and become more self-sustaining.

Mulumba’s internship is part of the inaugural group of SECU Public Fellows Interns working full-time with organizations in rural North Carolina communities this summer. The program is funded by the SECU Foundation and operated by the Carolina Center for Public Service in conjunction with community organizations.

As an intern, Mulumba spends his mornings outside working on Freedom Organization’s farm then heads home in the afternoons to put his journalism and media skills to work, developing the organization’s website and helping grow its social media presence.

“This internship definitely has changed my mindset and perspective of what rural communities have to go through,” said Mulumba, a rising senior. “I really appreciated the experience that I got to have here, and actually use the skills that I have gotten from Carolina and implementing it in helping a community that needs it.”


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