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Mulvaney, GrahamWho can participate in BPSS?

All full-time undergraduate students with at least four semesters remaining at Carolina are welcome to enroll in BPSS. Transfer students with at least three semesters left are also able to enroll.

When can I enroll in BPSS?

There is an enrollment period at the beginning of each semester. Please go to the enrollment page for more details about the next enrollment period.

I just enrolled in BPSS but cannot attend an orientation session this semester. Can I still participate?

Yes! BPSS participants must attend an orientation session within the first two semesters of being enrolled in the program but can begin participating in the program during the term in which they enroll. The current orientation dates are available in the Buckley Portfolio for those who have not attended orientation.

Are there certain activities that cannot be counted towards my service hours?

Please see the service hours page for more information about what counts and what doesn’t count for BPSS service hours.

What constitutes a service-learning course?

Please see the service-learning course page for more information about what constitutes a service-learning course.

Who can I talk to with more specific questions about BPSS?

For more information, email BPSS, call 919-843-6829 or come by the CCPS office located in the Student Union, suite 3514.