In addition to the required components of the Buckley Public Service Scholars (BPSS) program, there are also a number of non-required opportunities for service and engagement connected to BPSS. Some of them are more developed programs and scholarships – like the Arts in Public Service Fellows, Outward Bound Scholarships and SMART Mentoring – while others are less structured or occasional ways to connect with other BPSS participants. Information about all of these opportunities is published regularly through the BPSS participant listserv.

Less formal, student-initiated opportunities connected to the program often also arise when BPSS participants have the desire to organize activities and events for other participants. BPSS participants have started and manage a HOPE Gardens plot, regularly serve lunch with the Inter-Faith Council for Social Service and have organized BPSS stream cleanup days. BPSS participants also publicize other activities or events that they are a part of with other organizations through the BPSS facebook page and the Public Service News.

If you are a BPSS participant and want to connect more with other BPSS participants, get more involved in the organization and leadership of BPSS or have other ideas for collaborations you would like to lead, contact BPSS.