Philanthropy class poses in front of budding tress with pink flowersas a Tool for Social Change (HBEH 611-spring) is a three-credit hour service-learning course offered through the Carolina Center for Public Service’s Buckley Public Service Scholars program and The Learning by Giving Program. Through this course, students learn about and experience the process of awarding grants to local agencies. Throughout the course, students function as a committee and are responsible for researching the needs of North Carolina, designing grant award criteria, drafting and distributing a request for proposals, reviewing submissions, and awarding $10,000 to select community organizations. In addition to meeting weekly and participating in the grant-making process, students learn about the nonprofit sector and the philosophy and practice of philanthropy through readings, class exercises and guest speakers. Students interested in taking the course submit applications that will be reviewed by a student committee. Preference is given to participants in the Buckley Public Service Scholars program. The course is designated to fulfill the EE (Experiential Education) requirement as well as the BPSS service-learning component.



Impact NC inside outline of the state of north carolinaImpactNC is a foundation board run in conjunction with the Philanthropy as a Tool for Social Change course at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The course is supported by the Carolina Center for Public Service’s Buckley Public Service Scholars program and funded by the Learning by Giving Foundation, with the purpose of supporting sustainable, long-term change within our local community. To supplement in-class learning experiences, the student-led cohort collaborates across committees to design, publicize and award grants to select organizations actively supporting vulnerable communities in North Carolina. Grants are awarded each spring. To learn more about ImpactNC and the philanthropy course, visit the class blog.


ImpactNC supports organizations that connect and equip students with access to quality education in order to empower communities in North Carolina.

ImpactNC seeks proposals from non-profit organizations that work to address achievement gaps in education. Initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Educational Enrichment Programs
  • Tutorial and Mentoring Services
Applications for ImpactNC grants are now closed.
For questions, email ImpactNC.