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ImpactNC is a foundation board run in conjunction with the Philanthropy as a Tool for Social Change course at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The course is supported by the Carolina Center for Public Service’s Buckley Public Service Scholars program and funded by the Learning by Giving Foundation, with the purpose of supporting sustainable, long-term change within our local community. To supplement in-class learning experiences, the student-led cohort collaborates across committees to design, publicize and award grants to select organizations actively supporting vulnerable communities in North Carolina. Grants are awarded each spring. To learn more about ImpactNC and the philanthropy course, visit the class blog.


MISSION Statement

ImpactNC uses the power of philanthropy to support vulnerable populations of North Carolina by funding organizations that promote long-term community betterment.


ImpactNC seeks proposals from nonprofit organizations serving communities in eastern North Carolina. These organizations must address literacy, dropout rates and/or the achievement gap in education. Initiatives may include, but are not limited to:

  • Early childhood education programs
  • Tutoring and mentorship programs
  • ESL/ELL initiatives

2018 Grant recipients

Michael’s Angels Girls Club, Tarboro, NC

Mission: CIA: Converting Idleness to Action by providing Edgecombe County with a sustainable program focused on transforming individual idleness of 2nd to 12th grade females to a sisterhood united through using community service, educational support/enrichment and personal empowerment programs.

Project: To start offering GRASP Summer to MAGC members–GRASP (Grades Raised & Sustained Program) Summer will provide literacy tutoring for elementary members of MAGC who had low DORF (fluency, accuracy and retail) scores, and provide a mentoring opportunity and part-time summer employment for older MAGC members.

Grant Amount: $5,000

Kids Making It, Wilmington, NC

Mission: To reduce juvenile delinquency and empower youth to grow into responsible citizens through woodworking. The KMI vision is for all KMI youth to stay in school, graduate, and transition successfully into adulthood through college or the workforce.

Project: To ensure that all of the kids KMI serves stay in school, graduate, and go on to be successful adults, through higher education or entry into the workforce, thus helping to break generational cycles of dependence upon others for income and support.

Grant Amount: $5,000


For questions, email ImpactNC.