Service-Learning Course

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Participants in BPSS seek to connect their public service involvement with their academic experiences while at Carolina. BPSS participants must complete and log one service-learning course in order to successfully complete the program. A service-learning course is a credit-bearing academic course that:

  • Requires students to participate in at least 30 hours of service
  • Facilitates students’ reflection on their service experience
  • Connects students’ service experience with the course’s academic goals

This is the only component of BPSS that can be logged retroactively.

Pre-Approved Service-Learning Courses

Academic courses that are pre-approved to count as service-learning courses for BPSS are included in the Buckley Portfolio. A detailed list of APPLES service-learning courses is also released before registration each semester and may help students select courses that fit with their other degree requirements.

Several other CCPS programs involve academic courses that count as service-learning courses for BPSS, including:

Service-Learning Course Appeals

If students would like to create their own service-learning course or appeal for an existing course not already in the list of pre-approved courses to count for BPSS, an appeal can be submitted in the Buckley Portfolio using the appeal form. Successful appeals include existing courses that meet the requirements but are not listed as service-learning courses, independent studies with service-learning components, the addition of a service-learning component to an existing course that is approved by the instructor and involves a final paper reflecting on the service-learning components of the course or a non-UNC-Chapel Hill course that fits the service-learning course requirements.

Students must submit the course syllabus and any other relevant course documentation by scanning them and uploading them with the course appeal form in the Buckley Portfolio.