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Dear students, faculty, staff, community partners and other friends of the Carolina Center for Public Service:

In the midst of the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, CCPS remains committed to the individuals and organizations involved with our programs. Specifically, we’re working to honor our partnerships and commitments in ways that align with University policy and protect everyone’s health and well-being.

To that end, we’ve drafted a set of standards that illustrate some of the ways the University’s new COVID-19 community guidelines apply to CCPS programs. Please keep these standards in mind as you participate in CCPS programs and initiatives.


Shared CCPS Programming Standards – last updated July 13, 2020 

The following standards are based on UNC’s Community Standards for Health and Safety and are meant to provide specific examples based on impacts to CCPS programming: 

  • All CCPS program participants are asked to sign our standard CCPS liability waiver. Participants will be made aware of COVID-19 resources and should understand that all activities are voluntary in nature. 
  • Participants must wear a mask for all in-person activities and adhere to social distancing recommendations (minimum of 3 feet distance mask-to-mask).  
  • Participants should self-check for symptoms prior to engaging in any CCPS activities, based on the COVID-19 screening checklist 
  • CCPS will not sponsor or fund overnight trips or any out-of-state travel. 
  • Direct service should be focused on local-area community partners, and participants should adhere to any specific policies maintained by individual partners. 
  • If participants are using the CCPS van or Enterprise vans, they should not be full as to be able to maintain proper distance (12-passenger vans: 4-5 passengers, Minivans: 2-3 passengers). Masks should be worn in the vans and, if possible, windows should be down.  
  • Participants may drive their individual vehicles to a service event, if preferred. 
  • As always, direct service events should be planned in partnership with community organizations and in response to identified needs. 
  • CCPS encourages remote committee meetings or planning activities where possible. Any in-person meetings should adhere to space guidelines on-campus and all attendees should follow the UNC community standards. 
  • CCPS also encourages creativity in creating meaningful connections and opportunities through meetings, programs and service. Staff are available to assist or brainstorm options, if necessary. 


The pandemic has created a difficult time for everyone, reinforcing the importance of being a supportive community. By taking precautionary steps, we will help slow the spread of this disease and mitigate its effects. We encourage you to continue following the guidance of public health and University officials regarding hand-washing and physical distancing.

If you have any questions about changes to CCPS programs and activities, you can contact CCPS directly.