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UNC Disaster Relief Efforts

When a natural disaster strikes North Carolina, students, faculty and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill organize to provide assistance to those in need. These efforts have included:

Locally-based North Carolina Relief Efforts

State of North Carolina Disaster Relief Efforts

Other Ways to Help

  • United Way – 100% of individual donations given to these disaster recovery funds will be distributed to the affected areas.
  • Crisis Cleanup – A free, award-winning, ready-to-use, open source application that connects disaster recovery organizations with the people who need help.
  • Team Rubicon Disaster Response – Donate or volunteer with Team Rubicon in their efforts to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

Previous Relief Efforts

UNC-Chapel Hill “Fill the Truck” Donation Drives

The University organized a drive to collect requested items for affected areas throughout the state of North Carolina. Thanks to UNC Athletics and Marrins’ Moving, several tractor trailers were donated to deliver supplies. Beginning Sept. 18, the University accepted donations of specific items that were loaded onto the Carolina Football equipment truck and delivered to the hardest-hit locations throughout the state.

In response to continued requests from affected areas, the University hosted Fill the Truck Round 2, a supply drive to collect specific items for for Jones County and the Coharie and Waccamaw Siouan Tribes, communities heavily affected by Hurricane Florence. The drive culminated Oct. 8 and 9.