Fedders submits brief to N.C. Center for Safer Schools

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FES Barb Fedders law school orientationUNC School of Law clinical assistant professor Barbara A. Fedders co-authored an issue brief submitted May 7 to the North Carolina Center for Safer Schools, a state program created in March 2013 that is currently seeking public comment on school safety issues. The brief, endorsed by 56 organizations in North Carolina and across the country, provides a comprehensive, research-based approach to the issue of school safety, according to Fedders.

Fedders developed the brief with attorneys from Legal Aid of North Carolina’s Advocates for Children’s Services project. She says they drafted the response out of concern that the school safety debate that has emerged after the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., is too narrowly focused on physical security. To better inform the debate, Fedders says the brief provides important and often-overlooked facts about school safety, recommendations for proven methods of ensuring student well-being, examples of reforms from other cities and states, and an extensive bibliography of literature on the issue.

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