Cheryl Bolick

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Associate Professor, Education (Class VII)

Cheryl Bolick headshotDr. Cheryl Mason Bolick, an educational researcher, is interested in social studies teacher education and experiential education. Her initial research focuses using experiential education at the graduate level. She also has engaged in experiential education with her students by participating in North Carolina Outward Bound courses and through service-learning work on the Durham Hub Farm. This work led her to study the experiences of teachers engaged in experiential education and to investigate how it transfers to their K-12 teaching practice. This work provides insight into the ways that experiential education disrupts traditional patterns in teacher education. It also offers insight to the experience of learners in experiential education environments and how their experiences transfer into other aspects of their personal and professional lives. Through her work as a Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholar, Bolick hopes to deepen the work she is doing in teacher education and to use it as a springboard toward investigating experiential education in K-12 settings.