Charles Price

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Associate Professor of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences (Class II)

Charles PriceOral histories as learning tools and self-assessment practices may not appear to be likely partners, but for Charles Price, this combination proved successful with community organizations. Drawing from experiences and analyses of working with community-based organizations across the nation, Price developed the Documentation, Learning, Action (DLA) Process. He partnered with Highlander Research & Education Center on an organizing initiative called THREADS. Response to the DLA strategy has been positive and Price is currently collaborating with the Denver Public School System and the University of Denver in a planning project focused on assisting in the development of an authentic community participation and engagement dimension in Denver Public High School reform using the DLA strategy.

“The Faculty Engaged Scholars program provided me a special and valuable learning community. I had the opportunity to sit with respected scholars who are exemplars of the craft of engaged scholarship. Importantly, these scholars represented many different fields and disciplines, demonstrating the diversity of approaches to engaged scholarship. One of my take aways’ from my experience is the significance of engaged scholarship to the mission of 21st century institutions of higher education. We must practice our scholarship and tackle head-on the pressing problems of the world.”