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Classes I – VII

Harriet Able – Professor, School of Education (Class III)
Anna Agbe-Davies – Associate Professor, Anthropology (Class VI)

Antoine Bailliard – Associate Professor, Allied Health Sciences (Class VI)
Maureen Berner – Professor, Government (Class V)
The late Diane Berry – Former Jane Sox Monroe Distinguished Professor, School of Nursing (Class II)
Gary Bishop – Retired Professor, Computer Science (Class I)
Cheryl Bolick – Associate Professor, Education (Class VII)
Jada Brooks – Associate Professor, Nursing (Class VII)

Juan Carrillo -Former Assistant Professor, Education (Class V)
Mimi Chapman – Professor, School of Social Work (Class I)
Shauna Cooper – Associate Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience (Class VII)
Giselle Corbie-Smith – Kenan Professor, Social Medicine (Class I)
Tamera Coyne-Beasley – Former Professor, Pediatrics (Class IV)
Elizabeth Crais – Professor, Allied Health Sciences (Class III)
Leisha DeHart-Davis – Professor, Government (Class VI)
Sarah Dempsey – Assistant Chair and Associate Professor, Communication (Class VII)
Kimon Divaris – Professor, Pediatric Dentistry (Class VI)
Karen Erickson – David E. & Dolores Yoder Distinguished Professor, Allied Health Sciences (Class II)
Barbara Fedders – Assistant Professor, School of Law (Class IV)
Barbara Friedman – Associate Professor, Hussman School of Media and Journalism (Class V)
Patricia Garrett-Peters – Former Research Scientist, Center for Development Science (Class III)
Amelia Gibson – Associate Professor, Information and Library Science (Class VII)
Cheryl Giscombe – Melissa and Harry LeVine Family Professor, School of Nursing (Class V)
Jocelyn Glazier – Associate Professor, School of Education (Class IV)
Richard Goldberg – Teaching Associate Professor, Applied Physical Sciences (Class III)
Suzanne Gulledge – Clinical Professor, School of Education (Class II)
Leigh A. Hall – Former Associate Professor, Education (Class IV)
Jill B. Hamilton – Former Assistant Professor, Nursing (Class IV)
Julia Haslett – Assistant Professor, Communication (Class VI)
Brian Hogan – Teaching Professor, Chemistry (Class IV)
The late Dorothy Holland – Former Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor, Anthropology (Class I)
Adam Jacks – Associate Professor, Allied Health Sciences (Class V)
Coretta Jenerette – Former Associate Professor, School of Nursing (Class VI)
Anne Johnston – Parker Distinguished Professor, Hussman School of Media and Journalism (Class V)
Shawn M. Kneipp – Sarah Frances Russell Distinguished Term Professor, School of Nursing (Class IV)
Jock Lauterer – Retired Lecturer and Director of the Carolina Community Media Project, Media and Journalism (Class I)
Alexandra Lightfoot – Associate Professor, Gillings School of Public Health (Class VI)
Ashley Lucas – Former Assistant Professor, Dramatic Art (Class III)
Rebecca Macy – Professor, School of Social Work (Class II)
Laurie Maffly-Kipp – Former Professor, Religious Studies (Class III)
Steven May – Associate Professor, Communication (Class V)
Malinda Maynor Lowery – Former Professor, History (Class III)
Vicki Mercer – Associate Professor, Allied Health Sciences (Class V)
W. Roger Mills-Koonce – Associate Professor, Center for Developmental Science Community Partner: Family Diversity Research and Service Initiative (Class IV)
Cherie Ndaliko – Associate Professor, Music (Class V)
Enrique W. Neblett Jr. – Former Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience (Class VI)
Mai Nguyen – Former Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning (Class I)
Della Pollock – Professor, Communication (Class III)
*Byron Powell – Former Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management *(Class VII, 2018-2019 only)
Charles Price – Associate Professor, Anthropology (Class II)
Andrew Reynolds – Former Professor, Political Science (Class II)
Sohini Sengupta – Former Research Coordinator, Center for Faculty Excellence (Class II)
Paul Smokowski – Former Professor, Social Work (Class I)
Danielle Spurlock – Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning (Class VII)
Dana Thompson Dorsey – Former Assistant Professor, Education (Class VI)
Aimee Wall – Professor, Government (Class II)
Michael Waltman – Associate Professor, Communication (Class I)
Linda Watson – Professor, Allied Health Sciences (Class IV)
Jessica Williams – Assistant Professor, Nursing (Class VII)
Rachel Willis – Professor, American Studies (Class VI)
Amy Blank Wilson – Associate Professor, Social Work (Class VII)
Courtney Woods – Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences and Engineering (Class VII)
Ted Douglas Zoller – T.W. Lewis Clinical Professor, Kenan-Flagler School of Business (Class IV)