For Faculty & Staff

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Awards, Fellowships and Funding Opportunities

The Carolina Center for Public Service offers a wide variety of awards, recognition and fellowships to faculty and staff. For details on these opportunities, see Awards & Fellowships.

Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars program

The Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars program is an initiative of the Carolina Center for Public Service to advance faculty involvement in engaged scholarship. The first class of eight Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars was selected in October 2007 to participate in learning about and pursuing community engagement through scholarly endeavors. It is a two-year program with a new cohort of at least eight scholars entering every other year. Dr. Ronald Strauss serves as faculty director and Mr. Melvin Jackson as community director.

Engaged Scholarship Resources

To learn more about organizations and resource collections related to engaged scholarship, see Engaged Scholarship Resources.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

Visit For Students to see opportunities for graduate and professional students.