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A student with long black hair stands in front of a bookcase in a dark room. She has a white top and black blazer. Above her is the GiveUNC logo on a dark blue background.

Hi! I’m Fiorela Villegas. As only a junior at Carolina, I am already serving as Director of Advocacy and Civic Engagement at the Association of Mexicans in North Carolina, a nonprofit that encourages the appreciation, understanding and prosperity of Mexican and Latino communities. My identity as a Mexican American is a major drive to serve – and give back to – the Latinx community.

My journey started with the Buckley Public Service Scholars program at Carolina Center for Public Service in my first year. I gained life-changing opportunities, in-class learning experiences and a new knowledge base from innovative service-learning courses.

During the summer of 2022, I put these skills and experiences to work as a SECU Public Fellows Intern through CCPS. This opportunity led me to further develop my leadership skills and network with other organizations, which led to my remote, part-time job as a full-time student this fall and now, to my recent promotion to director!

Fiorela’s story began with you. On GiveUNC, your gift goes further thanks to our challenges.

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