BPSS Graduate Student Facilitator Jason Mose interacts through trainings

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Faculty members and community agencies are often involved in the public service of undergraduate students, but the Buckley Public Service Scholars program has developed a distinctive way to connect graduate students in undergraduates’ efforts. Jason Mose, a Ph.D. student in the Gillings School of Global Public Health, and nine other graduate students served as skills training facilitators, providing a variety of trainings to Buckley Public Service Scholar participants. “It was refreshing to interact with a group of dynamic student leaders who have the potential to literally change the world,” Mose said. He added that while his job might have been to offer trainings to participants, he, too, took something away from the experience. “The students ended up inspiring me to look at the big picture of issues, to find my niche and fill that gap and to be a role model to others.” Through this interaction, both undergraduate and graduate students are able to strengthen their commitment to service and make an impact.

“The most rewarding experience for me working as a skills training facilitator was seeing the students really connect to the information we shared during the workshops. They wanted to know more and learn more. This made me vow to continue supporting those who have chosen to serve the community, whenever I have an opportunity.” ~ Jason Mose, skills training facilitator