Healthy Girls Save the World continues impact

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HGSW  2013When Camille McGirt received a Robert E. Bryan Social Innovation Fellowship to start Healthy Girls Save the World (HGSW), she knew that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of young girls, but she had no idea how many lives she would impact. Now in its second year, HGSW is moving forward teaching even more girls age 8-15 the importance of a healthy lifestyle. It’s 2013 summer experience themed “The Small Things Matter: How Small Changes Can Make Big Improvements” focused on teaching girls how to make smart health goals. They pledged to accomplish small daily goals like drinking more water, eating less candy and being active for at least 30 minutes each day.

“As part of this year’s program, we integrated our new all-star circuit, created by HGSW staff, as a mechanism for girls to get more physically active,” said McGirt. “Many people do not have access to (or time to access) gyms, recreation areas, tracks and other facilities to engage in physical activity. The HGSW circuit is composed of eight exercises (squats, planks, push ups, lunges, jump rope, jogging, ab-toe touches and jumping jacks) all of which can be completed inside the comfort of your home or garage.”

During the weeks activities, HGSW participants also visited the Carolina Campus Community Garden to learn about growing their own food and composting. Finding small ways to engage young girls in more activity builds on the basic goal to promote healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy relationships for girls.

Learn more about Healthy Girls Save the World online and on Facebook. To learn more about the Bryan Social Innovation Fellowship (BSIF), visit BSIF online.