Outward Bound participants learn about compassion in service

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Outward Bound Clement Gurrey - 1Since coming to Carolina, Clement Gurrey ’15 has focused his efforts on service in one form or another. As a North Carolina Outward Bound School scholarship recipient, Gurrey spent 28 days this summer on-course and learned first-hand how important compassion is to every act of service.

“Outward Bound stresses the four pillars of physical fitness, self-reliance, craftsmanship and above all compassion,” Gurrey said. “Although I learned a lot about each one, compassion stood out the most. I feel that no matter what kind of service you do compassion makes the difference between just doing service and actually connecting with the people you’re helping or working with.”

Making that connection was just one thing Gurrey discovered at Outward Bound, a wilderness program that develops practical outdoor skills and learning about the inherent connections between humanity and the environment.

“On this trip I realized how much I wasn’t acting like myself back home and how much I was letting myself drift from what I really wanted to do. It shocked and scared me. However, from day one I was comfortable, energetic, and truly happy to be there,” Gurrey said. “Every single day on the trip, I was surrounded by compassionate and supportive people. I was pushed further mentally and physically than I even thought was possible. It was an incredible feeling that I attribute to the power of compassion and positivity.”

With this new foundation in place, Gurrey plans to take the skills he learned at Outward Bound and apply them to his remaining time at UNC. “I saw during this trip the importance of communicating with people and really establishing deep connections. I want to try to do that with as many people as possible because every single person has something to offer. I want to learn from other peoples’ stories.”Outward Bound Clement Gurrey - 2