Outward Bound deepens service experiences

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Not many people would choose to spend 28 days of their summer in the wilderness of North Carolina, but Luis Rios ’14 is not like everyone else. With the support of the Thomas James Outward Bound Scholarship Endowment, Rios and 12 other North Carolina Outward Bound Scholarship recipients were able to do exactly that and learned important lessons about themselves and service in the process.

“My Outward Bound experience has been one of the most meaningful and challenging experiences of my life thus far,” Rios said. By his own admission, the experience came at a crucial point in his college career, forcing him to bring balance to his outlook on how to move forward as a student and to challenge his own physical and emotional abilities. As a result, Rios says the program’s four pillars of physical fitness, craftsmanship, self-reliance and compassion hold greater meaning and are now incorporated into his service philosophy. Considering the impact on Rios and the other recipients, the Center’s scholarships result in enhanced leadership and service during their time at Carolina and far beyond.

“I learned that people are just people and making deep, meaningful connections requires courage to not only expose my vulnerability, but also trust that the other person will be compassionate enough to understand.” ~ Luis Rios, Outward Bound scholarship recipient