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Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research

The University if North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a strong history of community-engaged participatory research, particularly in public health. The Department of Anthropology is hosts the Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research and plays a role in building on this tradition.

The certificate offers:

  • Training in the theoretical bases, rationale, methodologies, challenges and motivation for carrying out research in equitable partnership with instead of on communities.
  • Exposure to participatory methods, ethical considerations and research paradigms.
  • Faculty mentorship and guidance to help develop projects.
  • Connection to fellow graduate students, faculty and community experts.
  • Forums for discussing, sharing, and refining participatory ethics and methodologies.
  • Opportunities for students in all fields to gain experience by linking them to ongoing projects.

The certificate is available to all graduate students at UNC. It requires 10 hours of course credit over the student’s career and is meant to complement the student’s degree program. Learn more about the Graduate Certificate Program in Participatory Research.

UNC Nonprofit Leadership Certificate Program

The UNC Nonprofit Leadership Certificate Program prepares graduate students for leadership roles at nonprofits in North Carolina and elsewhere and provides an in-depth examination of leadership issues within nonprofit organizations, with an emphasis on the human services, education and community development sectors.

Courses include content that is both unique to nonprofits (e.g., board development, fundraising) and that relates to the broader phenomenon of social innovation and entrepreneurship. For example, students explore nonprofit strategy, business models, strategic partnerships, scaling, financial sustainability and earned income ventures in certificate courses.

There are two ways to earn the certificate: 1) as a current UNC graduate student who wishes to add a nonprofit focus to a degree program; and 2) as a current nonprofit manager, board member or consultant who wishes to enhance a leadership skill set. Learn more about the UNC Nonprofit Leadership Certificate Program.

North Carolina State university Nonprofit Certificate program

The North Carolina State University (NCSU) Nonprofit Certificate Program, built around regularly offered graduate courses, provides the basic knowledge and skill needed to manage nonprofit organizations. Students explore the process of managing a nonprofit, organizational analysis and strategies for policy advocacy. The NCSU Nonprofit Certificate program is open to current NSCU students as well as non-degree and non-NCSU students. Learn more about the NCSU Nonprofit Certificate Program.

Duke Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management

The Duke University Nonprofit Management program curriculum offers a structured and rigorous grounding in the establishment, operation and continuation of a successful nonprofit. The nonprofit courses are designed for those working in and with the nonprofit sector — whether they are staff, directors, program administrators, board members, philanthropists, members of faith-based communities, volunteers, or those interested in employment or volunteering. Learn more about the Duke Certificate Program in Nonprofit Management.

Workshops & Trainings

Course Development Institute on Service-Learning

The Course Development Institute on Service-Learning is held every May. Topics include service-learning pedagogy, faculty course models, partnership development and course design. Faculty and instructors new to service-learning as well as those with experience are encouraged to attend. There is no cost for UNC participants, however, space is limited.

GO! Global Orientation on Culture and Ethics

The Carolina Center for Public Service, along with the Campus Y and the Center for Global Initiatives, sponsor UNC’s annual GO! Global Orientation on Culture and Ethics. The GO! Initiative is designed to help students evaluate expectations, anticipate potential cultural and ethical challenges, prepare for engagement in communities and develop intercultural competencies. In addition, GO! provides an avenue for students to network and interact with others traveling to similar areas of the world. Upon their return, students will have the opportunity to get together at a peer gathering to discuss their experiences as well as strategies for readjustment and remaining connected to important issues and populations they engaged with abroad. Learn more about GO!

Skills and Practices of Engaged Scholarship

The Skills and Practices of Engaged Scholarship Consortium hosts one and a half-hour seminars to support community engagement and engaged scholarship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Sessions are sponsored by the Center for Faculty Excellence, the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute and the Carolina Center for Public Service. Check the CCPS events calendar for series schedule.

Functional Leadership Workshop Series

The Functional Leadership Workshop Series is sponsored by the Office of Student Organizations at the Carolina Union. The purpose of this series is to develop student organization officers and members into knowledgeable and effective leaders. This series is designed specifically for leaders or officers of officially recognized student organizations. Organization members who do not hold an official position within their group are encouraged to attend. For details, visit Functional Leadership Workshop Series.