SMART Mentoring kicks off with mentor/mentee pairing

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SMART Match Day 6Pairing UNC students with area youth for positive mentoring experiences is what SMART Mentoring is all about. Recently, 24 UNC students participating in the SMART Mentoring program, part of the Buckley Public Service Scholars program, met their mentees to kick off a year of activities aimed at making a positive difference in the lives of their mentee.

“I am participating in [SMART] because I recognize the positive effects a mentor can have on young people and I would like to be that positive role model in someone’s life,” said Tavaris Baxter ’14, a SMART mentor. “I hope to gain a friend, someone I will be able to continue to have relationship with after I graduate and into his teenage and adult years.”

In partnership with Volunteers for Youth, SMART fosters meaningful mentoring relationships by providing a variety of activities for mentors and mentees, including workshops for study skills and goals setting, and activities like pumpkin painting and community gardening.

UNC students also enroll in two sociology courses to support their service-learning experience.

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