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As the first public university in the nation, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a long and proud history. Today, UNC-Chapel Hill is a preeminent public institution encompassing a top-tier research university and a comprehensive healthcare system serving all 100 counties in the state, an athletic powerhouse and a mecca for the arts in all forms. But what truly sets Carolina apart is its spirit; one of humanity and heart, and a binding commitment to the common good.

More than 100 years ago, University President Edward Kidder Graham famously invited the people of the North Carolina to “write to the University when you need help,” declaring the state and its practical problems a legitimate field of university study and service. Since then, Carolina’s commitment to improving North Carolina has become a defining characteristic of the University and it has created a special bond with the people and communities of this state.

In 1999, the Carolina Center for Public Service was established to strengthen and expand this tradition of engagement and responsiveness as well as to continue changing lives through educating scholars and leaders dedicated to forging a brighter future for our state, nation and the world.

Gifts to the Carolina Center for Public Service

An investment in the Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS) yields vitally important and exponential returns for the University, the state of North Carolina, our nation and the world. Gifts to CCPS benefit students, faculty and staff across all schools, departments and disciplines. The Center supports service-learning, experiential education, research and connection to community which define and differentiate the Carolina experience.

The result is faculty, staff and students who lead the University and graduates who are dedicated to making their communities around the world a better place. One that’s open and humane, one that promotes the kind of change that benefits as many people as possible, and one that Carolina strives to exemplify every single day.

This work takes resolve, dedication and support on every level. Through the Campaign for Carolina, the Carolina Center for Public Service seeks funds:

To inspire, create and deliver exceptional experiential education that will advance the new learning imperative while at the same time addressing local and global challenges.

For research and accessible scholarly activities that utilize innovative models of partnership and collaboration among and between North Carolina communities and University faculty, students and staff. 

To expand the capacity of the Center to amplify the University’s mission of, and commitment to, serving North Carolina and beyond. Support for disaster assistance, infrastructure, community engagement and service opportunities are key investments in bringing the expertise of the University to bear more nimbly, compassionately and collaboratively in times of crisis and prosperity.

Carolina is committed to being of the people and for the people. As a community, we are service-driven at the core and time here activates a passion to support, to encourage and to serve.

“The Campaign for Carolina enables the Carolina Center for Public Service to engage more students in transformational learning experiences, expand faculty research and strengthen the University’s connections to community. A gift to the Center benefits students, faculty and staff across campus, changing their lives and the lives of those they serve. our goal is to fulfill the promise of the first public university and its proud mision of service for all kind.”   

Lynn Blanchard, director, Carolina Center for Public Service