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A picture of Alvin on a ski lift with a gray sweater. He has round glasses and short straight black hair. The ski lift is yellow and mountains are behind him. A graphic is above the image that says Give UNC 3 28 23

Hi! I’m Alvin Dinh, a Carolina senior from Charlotte majoring in Neuroscience. Coming to Carolina with an interest in healthcare and research, I wasn’t sure I could – or even wanted to – incorporate service into my time and academics. That changed one day in the Pit when I first learned about APPLES Service-Learning, a program offered by Carolina Center for Public Service.  

I was attracted to the passion and dedication of the current participants. That’s what drew me in. From there, I participated in an alternative break and then as a break leader. I took service-learning courses and then became co-chair of the courses committee. Now, I am employed at the Center as an APPLES program assistant.

I am grateful for so many interactions with students, professors and community partners with so many different experiences and perspectives of service. These opportunities have shaped my understanding of and passion for engaged service. My mission is to continue to support and advocate for sustainable service-learning partnerships in and with communities, now and as my career and my future unfold.  

My story began with you. 

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