Each Monday, the Carolina Center for Public Service (CCPS) publishes the Public Service News (PSN), a listserv message (and web page) that contains information relevant to the University’s public service mission. Information is divided into three sections:

  • Resources for Engaged Scholarship
  • Programs, Events, Fellowships and Awards
  • Public Service Opportunities

More than 5,000 students, staff, faculty and community members receive the Public Service News each week. CCPS manages the listserv and members are not allowed to post directly to the listserv.

Submit a Listserv Announcement

The Public Service News (PSN) is published every Monday on weeks when university classes are being held, and every other week during summer school. Announcements related to public service and engagement are due by 5 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding Monday’s publication. Submissions that miss the deadline will not be included in the listserv until the following week. Job announcements (excluding internships and fellowships related to public service) will not be included in the PSN. All submissions are subject to editing and submission does not guarantee inclusion in the PSN. If all guidelines are met, submissions will run for two consecutive weeks.