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By Brianna Patterson

Carolina Engagement Week 2024 is a week-long celebration of partnerships between UNC-Chapel Hill and North Carolina communities. Throughout the week, Carolina faculty, staff, students and community organizations will host over 30 events, including lectures, workshops and activities! 

Since 2022, Engagement Week has held over 85 events, many of which represent partnerships across the state, as illustrated on the map on our Engagement Week homepage

Dr. Giselle Corbie, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at UNC, who had the initial idea for Engagement Week in 2022, says that: “This map just begins to scratch the surface of the impactful partnerships UNC-CH faculty, staff and students have formed with communities in the last three years. Many of these pins represent one place where years of mutual trust building took place between community and campus members to develop partnerships that serve the interest of North Carolinians.” 

NCGrowth, a UNC-based organization, regularly partners with community organizations and businesses. As part of Engagement Week, they are hosting the NCGrowth Showcase on Tue., Feb. 27, which will be an opportunity to build connections and learn about economic partnerships between NCGrowth and North Carolina communities. 

Carolyn Fryberger, Assistant Director of Economic Development at NCGrowth, says that “There are a lot of ways that our campus touches the lives of North Carolinians. And I think it enhances the student experience to know that that’s happening and understand ways that they can continue to do that in their careers. It could open up a different path or different understanding of what the meaning of your work can even be.” 

This event, and other Engagement Week events are open to the public. Registration is required on the Engagement Week website.

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