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Grants to Support Disaster Recovery Projects

In recent years, hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes and other natural disasters have devastated communities throughout North Carolina. Since March 2020, North Carolina and our communities have been impacted by a new and unprecedented crisis with COVID-19. As a public institution, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a commitment to partnering with affected communities to provide relief and recovery to those affected.

CCPS manages a Disaster Relief Fund to support disaster recovery efforts in North Carolina. Grants of up to $5,000 are available to enable public service efforts by UNC-Chapel Hill students, staff and faculty. For the Request for Proposals (RFP), go to the CCPS application portal. Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis.

The Center encourages members of the Carolina community to think creatively about how you can contribute your resources and expertise to assist in disaster recovery. All projects should be conducted with a community partner and address a stated need of the community. The Center encourages projects that have an academic connection. Read about a recent disaster recovery grant recipient in this spotlight!

Students and student organizations must work with a faculty or staff advisor who will be asked to submit a statement of support during the application process. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants should notify the Center when an application has been submitted and will be notified within two to three weeks of submission. For questions, email Ryan Nilsen or call 919-843-6829.

Grants to Support Disaster Relief Trips

Thanks to donor generosity, CCPS has limited funds available to support campus efforts. The grants are up to $1,000 for relief trips, organized by UNC-Chapel Hill students, staff or faculty, to affected areas in North Carolina.

All trip proposals should be in direct response to the hurricane and expressed community need. Students and student organizations must work with a faculty or staff adviser who will submit a statement of support for the trip as a part of the application process. Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis and can be submitted through the CCPS application portal. Please contact with questions.

Required Forms

Relief Trip Planning Resources

Paid Leave for Community Service

The University recognizes the importance of community service and supports the commitment of UNC-Chapel Hill employees to engage in volunteer service for civic, charitable or humanitarian reasons—including disaster relief and recovery. The Community Service Leave (CSL) program gives employees paid leave to perform volunteer service with schools, certain community service organizations or human service organizations.

You’re eligible to use CSL if you’re a SHRA permanent employee, EHRA permanent non-faculty or 12-month EHRA faculty regularly scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week. Learn more about UNC-Chapel Hill Community Service Leave.

There is also a separate Disaster Recovery and Emergency Services Leave category through which UNC-Chapel Hill employees may receive up to 120 hours of CSL (prorated for part-time employees) in any 12-month period for participation in disaster recovery and/or emergency volunteer services specifically as a disaster service volunteer of the American Red Cross as described in the Community Service Leave policy.