Advisory Board

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Carolina Center for Public Service Advisory Board 2017 – 2018

Fouad Abd-El-Khalick
Dean, School of Education
Karen Erickson 
Yoder Distinguished Professor, Allied Health Sciences
Chad Fogleman
Assistant Director, NC Campus Compact
Roderick Gladney 
Graduate Student Representative, School of Pharmacy
Shayna Hill
Chair, Employee Forum
Andrew Hunt 
Executive Assistant and Global Travel Risk Programs Specialist, Office of the Provost
Melvin Jackson
Community Director, Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars program
Tim Marr
Associate Professor, American Studies
Taylor Newsome
Student Representative, APPLES Service-Learning program
Leslie Parise
Chair, Faculty Council
Ami Patel 
President, APPLES Service-Learning Program
Alexander Peeples
Co-President, Campus Y
Cara Pugh
Student Representative, Student Government
Nuvan Rathnayaka
Public Service Chair, Graduate and Professional Student Federation
Bettina Shuford
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Student Affairs
Carol Tresolini
Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives, Office of the Provost
Holly Straut Eppsteiner 
Graduate Student Representative, Department of Sociology
Susan Worley
Executive Director, Volunteers for Youth
Alexandra Zagbayou
Executive Director, Student U