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Becca Bender

Senior Program Officer for Community Engagement
(919) 843-4785
Student Union Office

Center connection: APPLES Alternative Breaks, Service-Learning Courses, Service-Learning Internship and Service-Learning Initiative

Tricia Daisley

Development Officer
(919) 843-2219
Wilson Street Office

Caroline Leland

Content and Communication Specialist
(919) 843-6993
Wilson Street Office

Kate Palmer

Program Officer for Community Engagement
(919) 843-6616
Student Union Office

Center connection: Buckley Public Service Scholars, Disaster Relief and SMART Mentoring

Graduate Assistant Staff:

  • Siani Antoine – Training and Development Graduate Assistant
  • Annie Creasey – Graduate Assistant for Disaster Response
  • Dane Emmerling — Graduate Assistant for Engaged Scholarship
  • Clay Fleming — APPLES Graduate Assistant
  • Ana Gomez – Lead Graduate Assistant for BPSS

Undergraduate Assistants:

  • Kayleigh Carpenter — BPSS Assistant
  • Eve Elliott — Communications Assistant
  • Shatera McNair — APPLES Fellow
  • Brianna Ramgeet — Administrative Assistant
  • Ammaar Syed — Programs Assistant


Mimi Chapman
Chair of the Faculty
Karen Erickson
Yoder Distinguished Professor, Allied Health Sciences
Kevin Giff
Community Development Manager, Habitat for Humanity of Orange County
Shayna Hill
Chair, Employee Forum
Melvin Jackson
Community Director, Thorp Faculty Engaged Scholars Program
Joseph Jordan
Interim Vice Provost for Academic and Community Engagement, Office of the Provost
Anneliese Long
Public Service Chair, Graduate and Professional Student Federation
Amber Majors
Doctoral student, UNC School of Education
Ami Patel
Former APPLES President
Francie Sentilles
President, APPLES Service-Learning
Bettina Shuford
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Student Affairs
Laura Villa-Torres
Post-doctoral fellow, Center for Health Equity Research
April Warren
Middle School Program Coordinator, StudentU
[To be determined]
Co-President, Campus Y
[To be determined]
Undergraduate Student Government



Nicole Cervi

Sydney Lopez portait

Sydney Lopez
Vice President

Bianca Wu Portrait

Bianca Wu

Tyler Eaton Portrait

Tyler Eaton 
Programming Coordinator

Francie Sentinelles portrait

Francie Sentilles
Engagement Coordinator

Alternative Break Programs

Lucy Min portrait

Lucy Min 
Alternative Fall Break Co-chair

Michelle He Portrait

Michelle He 
Alternative Fall Break Co-chair

Cameron Yap Portrait

Cameron Yap
Alternative Winter Break Co-chair

Kaila Umstead portrait

Kaila Umstead
Alternative Winter Break Co-chair

Cate Byrne Portrait

Cate Byrne
Alternative Spring Break Co-chair

Peter Cohen Portrait

Peter Cohen
Alternative Spring Break Co-chair

Service-Learning Courses

Izzi Hinks Portrait

Izzi Hinks 
Service-Learning Courses Co-chair

Mohit Patel Portrait

Mohit Patel
Service-Learning Courses Co-chair

Bryan Fellowships

Andrew McKinnon Portrait

Andrew McKinnon 
Bryan Fellowships Co-chair

Emma Ehrhardt Portrait

Emma Ehrhardt
Bryan Fellowships Co-chair


Emma Wilson Portrait

Emma Wilson
Internships Co-chair

Zoie Albrecht

Zoie Albrecht
Internships Co-chair

Service-learning initiative

Divya Kumaresan portrait

Divya Kumaresan
Service-Learning Initiative Chair