Program Components

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Buckley Public Service Scholar George FoxThe Buckley Public Service Scholars program model incorporates a substantial commitment to public service and also several forms of structured training and reflection on that service. To successfully complete the program, students must complete and log:

  • A BPSS orientation session
  • 300 hours of public service
  • One service-learning course
  • Four approved skills trainings
  • A senior reflection activity
  • Minimum cumulative GPA (of 3.0 or above Buckley Public Service Scholar and 2.5-2.9 for Special Recognition in Public Service)

Throughout the program, participants log their progress in the Buckley Portfolio, a database system which allows them to keep accurate records of their service involvement and training. Upon successful completion of the program, Buckley Public Service Scholars are recognized at a special graduation ceremony and receive a public service cord and notation on their transcript.

There are also a number of non-required opportunities for service and engagement connected to BPSS in which participants are able to become involved.