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Service-learning courses offer the opportunity to extend learning beyond the walls of the classroom. APPLES courses integrate the educational goals of a course with relevant community service aiming to increase the student’s understanding of the course content and its impact on local communities. These volunteer opportunities are identified by community organizations and are specifically selected to pair with a course based on the connectedness of the academic and service experiences. APPLES courses are offered across a wide variety of academic disciplines, many of which fulfill the experiential education requirement for graduation. Each academic year, APPLES enrolls more than 2,400 students who complete more than 84,000 hours of service in service-learning courses.

Students in APPLES courses commit to serving a minimum of 30 hours with a community partner during the semester. While an APPLES volunteer, students can apply for additional funding and resources to deepen their contribution with an organization. As many APPLES students continue to serve beyond the length of the semester, APPLES is also committed to sustaining and connecting these organizations with APPLES courses or other resources at Carolina. Each year, APPLES provides resources and support for more than 100 faculty and community partners sustaining service-learning partnerships.

APPLES course listings are added the week before registration for the fall, spring and summer semesters. Most APPLES courses fulfill the experiential education graduation requirement and all require a minimum of 30 hours of service. Students can register for courses online using Connect Carolina. APPLES program staff cannot enroll students in any course. Each semester, the course listing changes and the designation for experiential education may change as well.

  • Service-learning courses
    • View the course listings for Fall 2024. The courses list is subject to change. It is important to always check Connect Carolina and search courses by EE or HI-Service.