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How many students are selected for each AFB, AWB or ASB experience?
Each break has two student leaders and 10 participants.

How much does each alternative break cost?
AFB: $50
AWB: $75
ASB: $90

Fees are non-refundable. Need-based financial assistance may be available upon request.

Who are the student leaders of each break? 
APPLES selects two students for each break based on their experience with alternative breaks, as well as leadership qualities.

Do we drive our personal vehicles on an alternative break?
No. APPLES secures University vans for each break.

Do I receive academic credit for an alternative break? 
Only participants of an APPLES alternative spring break receive academic credit for their experience. Neither AFB nor AWB has an academic course connection, and therefore do not fulfill the experiential education requirement.

What are the requirements for participation in an APPLES alternative break? 

Alternative fall and winter breaks:
Prior to the break, participants attend pre-experience orientation designed to educate them about the social issues they will be focusing on during the break. In addition, students will participate in a project that connects their break experience to the Chapel Hill community upon their return.

Alternative spring break:
The Alternative Spring Break program includes a two-credit hour, pass/fail course in which students examine theories behind community service as well as specific issues related to the communities where they volunteer. The course consists of a 50-minute, once-a-week class session co-taught by an instructor and a graduate student from the School of Public Health and a recitation led for each specific experience by the break leaders. This course does fulfill the experiential education (EE) graduation requirement.

What if I have already participated in an alternative break program? 
Due to high demand and limited availability, past participants of any APPLES alternative break program are not eligible to apply again. Past participants are encouraged to apply for a break leader position in the spring or explore other opportunities through APPLES, including internships and other service-learning courses.

ASB only: Can I still apply if I am studying abroad in the fall semester? 
If you are studying abroad over the fall semester, but will be at UNC during the spring semester, you are still eligible to apply for an alternative spring break experience. Your interview will be conducted either electronically or by telephone.

The Carolina Center for Public Service at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for its events and programs. If you need accommodations, please contact or call 919-962-0902. Every reasonable effort will be made to implement accommodations in an effective and timely manner.