2019 fellowships


Mina Yakubu

Anansi* is a collaborative online clothing market created in an effort to connect talented Ghanaians to the growing international market for authentic African wear and provide them with fair prices to support social mobility. Our mission is to ensure that the diverse cultures of Ghana are authentically represented and celebrated. We plan to contribute a portion of the proceeds of each purchase to support the efforts for social progress in Ghana. Our aim is that purchases will initiate a chain reaction that nurtures the talent of local Ghanaian people.

Farm the Future

Mackenzie Dion

With the American farmer being about 60 years old on average, the vast majority of farmers are approaching retirement, yet only 10% of farmers have plans for passing on their land. Farm the Future is a social platform to increase access to information and resources regarding farm transitions and to assist with farm transitions. The platform will be utilized by people entering farming, retiring farmers, and agencies who are already involved with farm transitions. Farm the Future’s main function is to centralize and simplify the process of farm transitions by connecting all of the relevant stakeholders regardless of geographic location and background on one platform.

Jump Ahead After School Program

Graham Boothkids play jump rope in schoolyard
Carly Brockman
Madison DeVries
Noah Mancuso
Morgan Parker
Leanna Rodriguez

The Jump Ahead After School Program aims to reverse the childhood obesity trend in North Carolina while improving mental health and academic performance among elementary school students, all with the help of jump rope. This program will combine weekly jump rope clinics with nutrition education and healthy food options for after school programs around Chapel Hill and Durham. In addition, it will promote healthy lifestyles and educate elementary school students about the many components of health, including physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Through this program, students will be able to use jump rope as an outlet for building healthy relationships and self confidence, while learning a fun, new form of physical activity.


Brianna Cross
Preethi Irukulapati
Faith Newsome
Emily Robinson

O.C.E.A.N.S stands for outreach, community engagement, and support. The organization hopes to empower adolescents with obesity by focusing on their individual journeys and their environment. This occurs by focusing on empowering adolescents through three different areas of programming including monthly socials, an annual 5k run/walk, and policy-based advocacy through our website.

Queen In You

Tayanna Bennettgroup of young women of color holding signs with message of empowerment
Courtney Coley
Reana Johnson
Kala Mitchell

Queen In You is a women’s empowerment organization that focuses on professional development and cotillion for young women of color. UNC’s chapter of Queen In You currently serves in Githens Middle School and is aiming to expand their grounds into high schools in the Durham/Carrboro/Chapel Hill area. It will be initiated through an upcoming spring conference for high school female students. This conference will cultivate long-lasting relationships between collegiate and high school women of color that will promote healthy life choices and encourage them to seek out post-secondary education.


*The Anansi logo was created free at LogoMakr.com.