2020 fellowships



Delaney Cowart

Maddie Dyson

Andrew McRacken

Michael Weaver

CATCH is a project which strives to catch children who are overlooked in the conventional toy market. We utilize creative thinking and engineering problem-solving skills to adapt electronic toys to be more accessible. The adapted toys are then donated to nearby hospitals and toy libraries. The project evolves as we develop new methods and techniques for adaptation, always growing through the creativity of our members. We hope to continue to grow our presence on campus and the community, especially by passing on our techniques to the parents or guardians of the children.

Embrace Scholarship College Readiness Tour

Sherrod Crum

Ajani McIntosh

The “Embrace Scholarship” college readiness tour consists of multiple college seminars and workshops at over twenty predominantly minority high schools across the state North Carolina. These college seminars will include information on how students should best prepare for the complex college admissions and scholarship process. “Embrace Scholarship” seminars will primarily feature essay development, filling out the common application and workshops on applying to scholarship and grants.

Pink STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

Merve Rida Bayraktar

According to the meta-analysis of five decades of U.S. draw-a-scientist studies, among children who are asked to draw a scientist, only 28% draw a women scientist. In 1977 the percentage was less than 1%, so there has been a significant increase; however, the stereotypes are still apparent. This especially is a problem for girls that cannot find role models in the field and fell excluded from these fields. Pink STREAM’s goal is to educate, motivate, empower, and inspire women and minorities in Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts, and Math and get rid of the stereotypes. The steps towards this goal are taken by educating K-5 students about STREAM topics and a diverse range of role models through courses in the community, books, youtube videos, trips, social media and more. Learn more at www.pinkstream.org.

UNC Doula Project

Wendy Yu

The UNC Doula Project is a training program for students at UNC to become doulas (non-medical persons who provide support and guidance to pregnant women). Trained students are then provided with opportunities to connect with women in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area who perhaps are lacking the assistance of a partner, family or the means of finding a support system. They can also choose to participate with organizations such as UNC Birth Partners, Durham Volunteer Doulas and Carolina Women’s Center.


Justin Hadad

Alex Mazer

Luke Buxton

Jake Lawler

UNCUT is a student-athlete storytelling platform that highlights the human side of college athletes. A student-led and athlete-driven nonprofit, UNCUT commits itself to authenticity, providing student-athletes the platform to discuss the social issues, passions and stories that have affected them off the playing field. Student-athletes are often defined by their wins, statistics, and contribution to the team, which may lead to adverse effects on playing ability, morale and mental health. UNCUT gives student-athletes the voice to show that they are more than just a jersey number – they are human, too.

The (Uni)versed Podcast

Anayancy Estacio-Manning

Ziola Kowzan

Veronica Correa

Sophia Reikebe

The (Uni)versed Podcast aims to transform social justice from a lecture to a roundtable discussion. Often social justice can seem intimidating, with various terms and language that doesn’t always seem accessible. By grappling with issues prominent in youth and campus culture, The (Uni)versed Podcast hopes to make conversations about social justice accessible, relatable and relevant.