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Service-Learning during COVID-19

A resource page for service-learning during a pandemic was created during 2021 and may have helpful information as you adjust any course components for our new and changing environment.

Online Module

The online module is intended to prepare students for successful service-learning partnerships. Completing this module is a required aspect of all APPLES courses and will provide insight aimed at making the most of a service-learning experience. Instructors may choose to utilize the Service-Learning Module Quiz as a resource to help ensure students understand the information provided in the module.

Service-Learning Series

The Service-Learning Series is a comprehensive online faculty resource for service-learning pedagogy developed by APPLES faculty and instructors, offering valuable information for both new and experienced service-learning faculty. This series is intended to offer foundational information about various key components of service-learning, its practice and implementation.

Introduction to service-learning

The Introduction to Service-Learning offers a primer on service-learning as a pedagogy, expectations of faculty and components of APPLES Service-learning courses.

Course planning and Design

The Course Planning and Design guide provides details on the timeline for developing a course, criteria for service-learning syllabi and information on developing course goals, objectives and assessment.

Community Partnerships

The Community Partnerships guide offers approaches to building and sustaining community partnerships in service-learning.

Reflection resources

The Reflection Resources guide offers variety of approaches, guidelines and activities that can further engage students in learning and reflection.

Toolkit for Preparing Students for Service-Learning

The Toolkit for Preparing Students for Service-Learning offers articles, activities and lesson plans to engage and prepare students for a meaningful service-learning experience.