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2020 fellowships


Carolina Adapts Toys for Children (CATCH)

Delaney Cowart
Maddie Dyson
Andrew McRacken
Michael Weaver

CATCH is a project that strives to catch children who are overlooked in the conventional toy market. Participants utilize creative thinking and engineering problem-solving skills to adapt electronic toys to be more accessible. The adapted toys are then donated to nearby hospitals and toy libraries. The project evolves as participants develop new methods and techniques for adaptation. CATCH hopes to continue to grow its presence on campus and the community, especially by passing on its techniques to the parents or guardians of the children.

Mission: Scholarship College Readiness Tour

Karen Calderon
Sherrod Crum
Ajani McIntosh

The Mission: Scholarship College Readiness Tour consists of multiple college seminars and workshops at over twenty predominantly minority high schools across the state North Carolina. These college seminars will include information on how students should best prepare for the complex college admissions and scholarship process. Mission: Scholarship seminars will primarily feature essay development, filling out the common application and workshops on applying to scholarship and grants.

Pink STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering, Arts and Math)

Merve Rida Bayraktar
Safa Ahmed

According to the meta-analysis of five decades of U.S. studies, among children who are asked to draw a scientist, only 28 percent draw a women scientist. In 1977 the percentage was less than 1 percent, so there has been a significant increase; however, the stereotypes are still apparent. This especially is a problem for girls who cannot find role models in the field and feel excluded from these fields. Pink STREAM’s goal is to educate, motivate, empower and inspire women and minorities in science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and math, and get rid of the stereotypes. The steps towards this goal are taken by educating K-5 students about STREAM topics and a diverse range of role models through courses in the community, books, youtube videos, trips, social media and more. Learn more on the Pink STREAM website.

DOula Training for Student (DOTS)

Wendy Yu
Inaara Mohammed

DOTS is a training program for students at Carolina to become doulas (non-medical persons who provide support and guidance to pregnant women). Trained students are then provided with opportunities to connect with women in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area who perhaps are lacking the assistance of a partner, family or the means of finding a support system. They can also choose to participate with organizations such as UNC Birth Partners, Durham Volunteer Doulas and Carolina Women’s Center.


Justin Hadad
Alex Mazer
Luke Buxton
Jake Lawler
Jill Shippee

UNCUT is a student-athlete storytelling platform that highlights the human side of college athletes. A student-led and athlete-driven nonprofit, UNCUT commits itself to authenticity, providing student-athletes the platform to discuss the social issues, passions and stories that have affected them off the playing field. Student-athletes are often defined by their wins, statistics and contribution to the team, which may lead to adverse effects on playing ability, morale and mental health. UNCUT gives student-athletes the voice to show that they are more than just a jersey number – they are human, too.

The (Uni)versed Podcast

Anayancy Estacio-Manning
Ziola Kowzan
Veronica Correa
Sophia Reikebe

The (Uni)versed Podcast aims to transform social justice from a lecture to a roundtable discussion. Often social justice can seem intimidating, with various terms and language that doesn’t always seem accessible. By grappling with issues prominent in youth and campus culture, The (Uni)versed Podcast hopes to make conversations about social justice accessible, relatable and relevant.


2019 fellowships


The Anansi logo was created at

Mina Yakubu

Anansi is a collaborative online clothing market created in an effort to connect talented Ghanaians to the growing international market for authentic African wear and provide them with fair prices to support social mobility. Anansi’s mission is to ensure that the diverse cultures of Ghana are authentically represented and celebrated. Organizers plan to contribute a portion of the proceeds of each purchase to support the efforts for social progress in Ghana. The aim is for purchases to initiate a chain reaction that nurtures the talent of local Ghanaian people.

Farm the Future

Mackenzie Dion

With the American farmer being about 60 years old on average, the vast majority of farmers are approaching retirement, yet only 10 percent of farmers have plans for passing on their land. Farm the Future is a social platform to increase access to information and resources regarding farm transitions and to assist with farm transitions. The platform will be utilized by people entering farming, retiring farmers and agencies who are already involved with farm transitions. Farm the Future’s main function is to centralize and simplify the process of farm transitions by connecting all of the relevant stakeholders regardless of geographic location and background on one platform.

Jump Ahead After School Program

Graham Boothkids play jump rope in schoolyard
Carly Brockman
Madison DeVries
Noah Mancuso
Morgan Parker
Leanna Rodriguez

The Jump Ahead After School Program aims to reverse the childhood obesity trend in North Carolina while improving mental health and academic performance among elementary school students, all with the help of jump rope. This program will combine weekly jump rope clinics with nutrition education and healthy food options for after school programs around Chapel Hill and Durham. In addition, it will promote healthy lifestyles and educate elementary school students about the many components of health, including physical, mental and social wellbeing. Through this program, students will be able to use jump rope as an outlet for building healthy relationships and self confidence, while learning a fun, new form of physical activity.


Brianna Cross
Preethi Irukulapati
Faith Newsome
Emily Robinson

O.C.E.A.N.S stands for outreach, community engagement, and support. The organization hopes to empower adolescents with obesity by focusing on their individual journeys and their environment. This occurs by focusing on empowering adolescents through three different areas of programming including monthly socials, an annual 5k run/walk and policy-based advocacy through the website.

Queen In You

Tayanna Bennettgroup of young women of color holding signs with message of empowerment
Courtney Coley
Reana Johnson
Kala Mitchell

Queen In You is a women’s empowerment organization that focuses on professional development and cotillion for young women of color. UNC’s chapter of Queen In You currently serves in Githens Middle School and is aiming to expand into high schools in the Durham/Carrboro/Chapel Hill area. It will be initiated through an upcoming spring conference for high school female students. This conference will cultivate long-lasting relationships between collegiate and high school women of color that will promote healthy life choices and encourage them to seek out post-secondary education.


2018 fellowships

AdaptED (formerly Carolina Adaptive Athletics

Maggie Nail
Claudia Opper
Dalton Wheeless

UNC-Chapel Hill has a national and an international reputation for excellence in athletics. Carolina has 43 team national championships in seven different sports and more than 50 individual national championships. Seventeen Tar Heels competed in the Rio Olympics. That tradition of excellence has not only yielded tremendous accomplishments, but also has led to a unique sense of identity and community for all Carolina students. Many students enjoy intramural and club sports, and nearly all of us take pride in cheering on our student-athlete classmates. However, this tradition is not accessible for all students. For students with developmental and physical disabilities, there are currently no intramural, club or varsity athletics offered.

Carolina Adapted Athletics aims to solve this problem by partnering with nonprofits and community organizations to bring athletic training opportunities, like learning to ride a bike to campus, while also establishing a competitive wheelchair basketball team and intramural wheelchair athletic opportunities.


Michael Dudash
Izzi Hinks
Tai Huynh
Alex Kan
Andrew McKinnon
Pavani Peri

dēmos is a social venture aimed at increasing participation in local governments by improving information accessibility and transparency through a digital platform. By incorporating data analytics, demographic and policy research and user-focused design, it presents to citizens relevant information on issues that impact their lives in an easily-digestible, personalized format. The founders hope to educate citizens on the issues impacting their daily lives and give them the ability to voice their concerns to decision-makers in their community. They will then aggregate community input and present it to relevant policymakers through a customized dashboard designed to provide real-time insights on community sentiments on their policies and actions.

Intentional Student Living Learning Home in the Northside Neighborhood

Aly Peeler
Anastasia Soule

The Intentional Student Learning Home in the Northside Neighborhood aims to redirect disruptive party homes into a service-learning community to preserve the history and family-oriented environment of Chapel Hill’s historically Black neighborhood. This project will provide an experiential opportunity for students to deepen their involvement in the community while supporting long-term residents and their goals.

Magik G.L.O.W.

Angum Check
Jackie Omweno
NaTajha R. Phillips
Jordan Young

Magik G.L.O.W. (Girls Learning and Owning Their Worth) is a service initiative founded in spring of 2017. Through a partnership with McDougle Middle School in Chapel Hill, from 3-5 p.m. every Wednesday, Covenant and Achieve Scholars mentor young black girls to help them cultivate their full potential. Volunteers assist the girls with their homework, plan and participate in group activities such as singing, stepping, interactive learning games and workshops related to self-confidence, health, hair care, body image and loving the skin you’re in. Despite Chapel Hill’s prominence as home to one of the nations top public universities, the local public school system is no exception to the achievement gap between white students and their minority peers. According to a Stanford Center for Education Policy Analysis study Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools have the second largest achievement gap between Black and White students in the country. Magik G.L.O.W. identified middle school as a pivotal transition stage, one situated between an age of rapid development and the foundations for a high school career and beyond.

Stage Play

Emma Ehrhardt

Through acting and the dramatic arts, Stage Play helps children with autism cope with the common stressors and challenges of navigating through social environments. Stage Play recruits volunteers who are involved in dramatic arts as well as special needs care/education. These volunteers are each paired with a child with autism and engage in the acting activities with them, providing friendship and guidance.

UNC-CH Mental Health Ambassadors

Agnes EzekwesiliMental Health Ambassadors logo with two hands shaking in solidarity
Kaki Ann Ryan
Priya Sridhar

The mission of UNC-Chapel Hill Mental Health Ambassadors (MHAs) is to promote conversation around mental health, destigmatize mental illness, facilitate support networks and present educative programming on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill. MHA finds its specific niche in its goal to increase the average baseline of student knowledge of common mental health concerns on a college campus and in young adults.

The MHA program functions through the support and oversight of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the Campus Y and School of Social Work. Ambassadors are trained in Mental Health First Aid USA, and when available, in QPR and Rethink. Ambassadors serve as trained educators, liaisons to CAPS and coordinators of support networks on campus.

By following a CAPS and School of Social Work mandated training structure, this ambassador program will bring together passionate and service-oriented students on campus. These students will then go on to co-present adapted, professionally made presentations on relevant topics with their ambassador peers, host spaces for discussion on mental health, distribute wellness kits and partner with existing mental health organizations on campus to host awareness and mental health screening events.