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Five students standing by fence at Habitat for Humanity work siteMost community partners are involved with service-learning courses. Students enrolled in designated service-learning classes combine academic coursework with community service. The service experience is directly linked to the content of their course. As a part of the course, students commit to serving three to five hours a week for 10 weeks with a specific community partner for a minimum of 30 hours over the course of the semester.

Organizations interested in becoming a community partner should contact Becca Bender for more information.

Requesting Course Volunteers

Each semester APPLES course listings change and so do the needs of our community partners. Please review the listing of APPLES courses for the upcoming semester and consider how your needs can complement course content for a student volunteer. A volunteer supervisor is essential for providing on-going feedback to the student volunteer as well as evaluating their performance at the end of the semester. The service experience must be feasibly completed in three to five hours a week over a 10-week period during the semester.

Step 1
Review the upcoming semester’s course offerings.

Step 2
Request a student volunteer through the online APPLES Partner Portal.

Step 3
APPLES will contact you with more information about courses and volunteers prior to the start of the semester. For questions or concerns, Becca Bender.

Community Partner Orientation

All organizations and staff new to APPLES are invited to attend an upcoming community partner orientation. Information will include an overview of service-learning, details about the APPLES courses and internship programs, nuts and bolts of the process and expectations of becoming a new community partner and how to use the APPLES Partner Portal. This is also an opportunity to connect with other organizations working in the community, so please feel free to bring information to share. For those looking for a refresher on working with APPLES, this would also be valuable.

The next community partner orientation has not yet been scheduled.