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APPLES student leaders designed this art gallery to celebrate APPLES Service Learning’s 30 years of history at UNC-Chapel Hill.

These students sought to share their voices and the experiences of alumni, faculty, community partners and current students through an audio-visual installation. The students conducted interviews and commissioned artistic portraits to represent the various stakeholders in the organization.

We hope you enjoy the artwork and personal reflections featured in the gallery. To listen to an audio clip from the interviews, click on the portrait that interests you. (Note: not all portraits include corresponding audio.)

The art gallery is best viewed on a desktop, laptop or tablet device.


Portrait of Jeffrey Harlow
Jeffrey Harlow, Club Nova, Community Partner, by Mary Stuart Gray


Portrait of Stephen Xiao, with the following quote: "Because of APPLES...I'm now more mature, more extroverted, more willing to speak my mind, more educated."
Stephen Xiao, APPLES Alum, Class of 2019, by Rachel Maunus


Portrait of Emily Gadja
Emily Gadja, SLI Launch participant 2019, by Mary Stuart Gray


Portrait of Melanie Levinson
Melanie Levinson, Creative Director at Kidzu Children’s Museum, Community Partner, by Rachel Maunus


Portrait of Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver, 2019 Bryan Fellowship Recipient, by Mary Stuart Gray


Portrait of Isla Farrow, with the following quote: "Since being involved in APPLES, I have been thinking about ways that I can incorportate service within my career path as a veterinarian."
Isla Farrow, Alternative Breaks Leader 2019, by Rachel Maunus


Portrait of Heather Knorr
Heather Knorr, APPLES course instructor, Department of Romance Languages, by Mary Stuart Gray


Portrait of Benjamin Rosado
Benjamin Rosado, APPLES Alum, Class of 2012, by Rachel Maunus


Portrait of Ryan Nilsen
Ryan Nilsen, longtime staff member of Carolina Center for Public Service, by Mary Stuart Gray


Portrait of Rev. David Fraccaro, with the following quote: "I really respect and appreciate the mission of APPLES and the diversity and intelligence of the students who came, but, more than that, their servant hearts."
Reverend David Fraccaro, Executive Director at Faith Action, Community Partner, by Rachel Maunus

Click here to access all the interview recordings!


Rachel Maunus is a junior at UNC majoring in environmental studies and social movements & storytelling. She loves drawing in Illustrator and had a fun time creating these portraits using bold colors and a simplistic portrait style.

30th Anniversary Photobook

We hope this gift brings back happy memories and sparks meaningful conversations between you and other APPLES students and alumni, instructors and community partners. You can connect with the APPLES community via our Alumni Facebook Group or our LinkedIn page. You can email APPLES student leaders at

We also invite you to share your APPLES memories on social media using the hashtag #APPLES30. Be sure to follow @unc_apples on Instagram and Twitter.