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Would my project proposal be a good fit for the Bryan Fellowship?

The Bryan Fellowship is intentionally broad in scope, and proposals can intend to address a community issue locally, nationally or internationally. The fellowship is ideal for projects in their early phases of development, as the spring course introduces fellows to the basics of project management and functions as a workshop for getting your project off the ground.

Who is eligible to apply for a Bryan Fellowship?

Any returning, full-time undergraduate student or team of students at UNC-Chapel Hill is eligible to apply.

Do I need to have a team in order to apply?

No. You can apply as an individual, though we do encourage collaboration and often view applications as stronger that draw on the resources of a range of individuals’ academic and service experiences.

I am a senior but have a great project proposal. Can I still apply?

The Bryan Fellowship year is from January to December in the year after you apply and receive the fellowship, and someone on your team needs to be a full-time undergraduate student throughout the fellowship year.

When do I apply?

The application period is in the middle of the fall semester each year. For information about application deadlines, visit the Bryan Fellowships page.

How do I apply?

Apply online through the CCPS Application and Nominations Portal.

Can someone help me develop my application?

We are more than willing to talk with you about your ideas and give you feedback on your application in order to help you submit the best proposal possible. Contact Ryan Nilsen or call 919-843-6829.